Community Spotlight: Bushido, Bot War & Bloomin’ Good Forge Fathers

January 26, 2022 by brennon

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Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great-looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...


...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.


Bushido by seldon9

We start out with a journey into a wargame that I think deserves more time in the sun. It seems seldon9 also thinks the same as they have ventured into the world of Bushido from GCT Studios in their latest project.

Bushido #1 by seldon9

This project has been focusing on painting some of the interesting characters from the game. The Ito Clan with their focus on snakes and backstabbing have been at the forefront of the project for a while now and the painting is fantastic. The characters are wonderfully painted and I love the amount of detail worked into every facet of their design.

I also like that we've got all manner of different approaches to painting on these miniatures. For example, the chap here with the duel daggers has been painted using non-metallic metal techniques.

Bushido #2 by seldon9

As well as the Ito Clan, seldon9 has also been working on all manner of other miniatures too. This journey started with a delve into the Descension. These Tengu have been winning me over recently and I think, once again, the painting is fantastic.

Bushido #3 by seldon9

I love the addition of the snow and ice around the base. It helps add to this idea of this faction being a mysterious band of warriors from on high who are looking to deal with those down in the valleys. I am beginning to like these birdmen!

It is well worth diving into the project as it's not just these characters getting painted up. There is also work on brand new terrain for use in Bushido and more. I can't wait to see what seldon9 does when this all comes together. I'm hoping for some fun games and more!


Bot War by rum8le

Next up, we're also looking at some work by rum8le who has been expanding on their Bot War collection. We saw some excellent work on their collection last year but the shift currently has been to some smaller miniatures and the Valiants!

Bot War #1 by rum8le

The Valiants have a distinct look to them that is certainly in line with another well-known property. To that end, rum8le has been working away on some fantastic paint schemes for these miniatures to make them slot in nicely with their Bot War collection AND stand out on the tabletop.

Bot War #2 by rum8le

I love these bold, brash, poppy primary colours that are in the mix for these miniatures. As it's rum8le, the painting here is amazing regardless and I love all the fine detailing, highlighting and more that has popped up across the range.

You can see more of the miniatures here and this isn't even scratching the surface of this particular project...

Bot War #3 by rum8le

I think you'll agree that the Bot War range is probably one of the coolest out there right? It features some utterly awesome miniatures and provides you with a different way to approach your tabletop wargames. Who wouldn't want to play some Transformers-esque goodness on the tabletop?


Forge Fathers by orinoco

Last but not least, we're looking at the work of orinoco who has been getting stuck into painting up an army of Forge Fathers.

Forge Fathers #1 by orinoco

This has been in the works for a little while now and it has been fun seeing how the army has come together. I like the idea of running with that military green as the basic option for the armour. The addition of purple and blue throughout the miniatures then draw the eye to specific elements of the model.

As you can see, this scheme works nicely across smaller character miniatures and some larger options like this Iron Ancestor here.

Forge Fathers #2 by orinoco

The basing has also been done to match a desert landscape and I think it works very well. It keeps the army looking very militaristic. You could imagine this being an embedded force that has got a proper hold on this planet.

Some of the more recent work has turned to the bulk of the force. Here we have some of those basic troops that were painted up!

Forge Fathers #3 by orinoco

These look fantastic. I really like that even the suit underneath the armour has also been painted in that natural green. There is enough of a change to the colour though that it stands out when you get close. I also like those glowing purple eyes sat in their helmets. Epic. I think things have come a long way with this force and orinoco's painting has come on leaps and bounds. This is an awesome-looking set of Forge Fathers!

What Are You Painting Right Now?

Every week we’re absolutely blown away by the incredible topics that are put into the Projects, it’s getting more difficult to choose Community Spotlights! We love your work and we hope to see a lot more of it in the future!

If you fancy getting your hobby fingers out and showing off your newest paint job, terrain piece or even greatest gaming achievement, we want to know about it!

We don’t mind if you’re a newcomer to painting or a veteran of the brush, everything you do inspires us to create more and more content together!

What do you think of the entries this week?

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"What Are You Painting Now?"

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