Community Spotlight: Classic Rangers, Battle Sisters & 1/72 Ancient Armies

December 8, 2019 by crew

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Come and join us for another delve into the Forums and Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking pieces this week...

Community Spotlight: Classic Rangers, Battle Sisters & 1/72 Ancient Armies

...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.

Classic Dunedain Rangers by curis

We kick things off by looking at some awesome Middle-earth miniatures from curis which have been picked from the annals of history! See what you think of Aragorn and the Dunedain by Citadel from their old Middle-earth range.

Aragorn & Dunedain Rangers #1 by curis

The models have been painted in a classic curis style with lots of bright and poppy colours in the mix giving you a really nice look at the details across the various models. You'll notice that there are a few other miniatures in the mix from different ranges including a few from Dungeons & Dragons. I love the look of them as a whole and the Rangers of the Dunedain always captured my imagination when I was younger and still do now!

In the mix, you've got the man himself, Aragorn, ready to watch the borders of the Free Peoples and make sure no harm comes to them as Orcs marauder across the countryside at the behest of Sauron and his lackeys.

Aragorn & Dunedain Rangers #2 by curis

You've also got this rather awesome take on Halbarad from curis here as well giving you another standout character from the collection. Halbarad was quite a key figure amongst the Dunedain so it was a shame that he didn't get more of a nod in the movies.

Aragorn & Dunedain Rangers #3 by curis

As a whole, this is a fantastic set of miniatures which showcase what those older miniatures look like with a dash of modern and up-to-date painting techniques applied to them. I wish that I could get my hands on some of these older Middle-earth models as they look really on point for someone wanting to try and do a more Tolkienesque version of Middle-earth on the tabletop, stepping away from the aesthetic of the (admittedly great) movies.

You can see more on his blog HERE.

Battle Sister by eternitygate

Next up we're moving to modern Citadel/Games Workshop goodness and this great look at one of the Adepta Sororitas from Warhammer 40,000. Here is eternitygate's work on one of the special Battle Sisters released earlier in the year.

Battle Sister #1 by eternitygate

I think that eternitygate has done a great job of trying to match the colours from the artwork to the model itself and picked out lots of the details super well indeed. I particularly like the little spots of highlighting across the model which makes the black armour stand out all the more. Combine this with the detail worked into the accessories across the model and the base and you've got a nice commemorative model.

Battle Sister #2 by eternitygate

You can see more of this awesome work as we take a peek at the Lloyd-view of the model. I particularly like the arty way in which the red has been blended throughout the loincloth. As a whole, this is a nice little snapshot of the Sisters Of Battle and eternitygate should be very proud of the work done here. I should also mention how awesome those flickering candles look!

1/72nd Ancient Armies by nightrunner

Finally, we're turning out attention to a long-running project from (appropriately) nightrunner. Here we've got a massive project which shows off the work done on bringing to life a full 1/72nd scale set of armies to life from a variety of different producers. Both the Romans and Britons are looking awesome!

1 72 Ancient Armies #1 by nightrunner

nightrunner has stated throughout the project that the focus was to try and make an army which could be used in Hail Caesar and that the models have come from all over the place. This was even trickier for nightrunner because the proportions and scale from various companies were always a little bit different. This was further compounded by there being differences within the same companies products!

1 72 Ancient Armies #2 by nightrunner

Still, I think you can agree that nightrunner has done a superb job of bringing together this collection with a very stylish and poppy paint scheme which works for not just the leaders and commanders but throughout the rank and file troops as well. I particularly like seeing the classic and iconic red on show here which many folks will be familiar with.

Here is the Roman army in its entirety, ready to invade the shores of Albion and take its riches!

1 72 Ancient Armies #3 by nightrunner

However, that's not all from nightrunner as going up against the Romans we have also got an entire force of Britons which was also created to battle with on the tabletop. You've got to have two forces right?!

1 72 Ancient Armies #4 by nightrunner

Even from this expanded view of the army, I can tell that this is another fantastic set of miniatures which have been painted lovingly and with lots of care. It is worth keeping an eye on the project link above as nightrunner will be showing off this army of Britons off in full over the next few days.

It does make you consider Ancient wargaming when you see armies on this scale...

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