Community Spotlight: Weird World War, Celtic Armies & 20mm Moderns

June 8, 2020 by crew

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Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...

Community Spotlight: Weird World War, Celtic Armies & 20mm Moderns

...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.

Konflikt '47 US Reinforcements by nightrunner

We're starting off with something fun from the depths of Weird World War. Here we have some US Reinforcements for nightrunner's Konflikt '47 army which starts off with a look at a blooming awesome US Grizzly.

Konflikt 47 US #4 by nightrunner.jpg

This is a great looking walker as it is and then it has been taken to that next level with the paint job that nightrunner has layered onto the model. I really like the clean paint scheme when it comes to the basic colours which has then been tweaked with plenty of rust and battle damage to make it look like a used piece of kit. You could just imagine it pounding people with those fists.

As well as this walker, there is also a pair of Sherman tanks which show off how a miniature can move from being Historical through to a proper Weird World War option. Here is the Sherman without the big tesla gun...

Konflikt 47 US #3 by nightrunner.jpg

...and here it is with the M4A9-T Tesla cannon mounted on the top instead. I think this is really cool and I love how much it immediately changes the silhouette of the miniature on the tabletop.

Konflikt 47 US #2 by nightrunner.jpg

The work that has gone into the glowing tesla cannon is very cool and I like how stark and different it is from the rest of the traditional vehicle. A few choice transfers here and there also help break up the wash of green and brown across the model. Again, the wear and tear here is really well done.

Finally, we're also looking at some of the infantry options coming out of nightrunner. This shows off the heavily armoured and armed options for the US and again it's a nice way to bring in the classic American colour scheme and tweak it to fit the Weird World War setting.

Konflikt 47 US #1 by nightrunner

A great selection of miniatures with plenty of work going into the finished product. Also, the bases are simple and effective and perfectly help to frame the miniatures and give you a sense of scale rather than taking away from the finishing miniature. A wonderful collection for Weird World War games.

15mm Belenos Army by postcardpaul

Next, we're looking to a small scale army in 15mm from postcardpaul. This is a great army which has come together really nicely for use in plenty of Fantasy wargames across the wargaming spectrum. Here we have some of the finished army from postcardpaul as it takes to the tabletop.

Belenos Army #1 by postcardpaul.jpeg

I really love the wild and savage painting style for these miniatures. There is a really nice sense that the miniatures are at one with that absolutely stunning basing which shows off the wilderness that they inhabit. I would say that, across the board, it would be great to see these images taken from a slightly different angle so we can see a bit more of the painting that has gone into the miniatures.

Belenos Army #2 by postcardpaul

I think the army really does shine when you see the mix of different creatures and warriors that have been put into the mix. Again, this looks like a quick and easy paint scheme for the army but it really does pop and I think it shines with the basing. I know how much I keep talking about the basing here, but it's brilliant.

I absolutely love the big monsters and such that have been added into the mix especially here. It looks like such a fun army to play on the tabletop!

Belenos Army #3 by postcardpaul

It is also well worth diving into the project as we get a look at more of the work that went into building and painting these miniatures.

Belenos Army #4 by postcardpaul.jpeg

Again, the pictures could be a little better here and there but you can't deny the skill that has gone into this project. I love the idea, I think it will be a lot of fun to see on the tabletop and maybe it will inspire a few other people to do something in 15mm.

20mm Moderns by miniaturebrushwork

Finally, we're looking at something Historical and going ahead to the moderns period. Here we have some 20mm miniatures from Elhiem Miniatures for use in Force On Force by miniaturebrushwork. This is some great miniatures for use in the Middle-East plus a bit of terrain too. We start with some of the US troops here alongside the AAVP7 A1.

20mm Moderns #1 by miniaturebrushwork

It's always fun seeing the painting of Modern troops as it is very much a genre and period which I want to see played more on the tabletop. The painting for the miniatures looks like it could be pretty simple (but effective) and creates some really fascinating armies. As you can see here, miniaturebrushwork has done a great job of making the soldiers and vehicles pop.

As well as the miniatures for the US, you've also got the Afghan force here which provides a very different looking force with splashes of colour here and there. Again, I think this means that it's a fun period to paint miniatures for because of the diverse array of options the different factions bring to the tabletop.

20mm Moderns #2 by miniaturebrushwork

But, as well as the miniatures and vehicles we also got to see a great looking piece of terrain too. This is the Afghan Village where a lot of the fighting is going to be taking place. Again, the splashes of colour here break up the desert landscape that you'll be fighting in.

20mm Moderns #3 by miniaturebrushwork.jpeg

It's always nice to see the miniatures actually in situ as well, giving you an idea of how the games are going to look when everything hits the tabletop. A lot of great work has gone into all of the models so far for this project and I would love to see a full game photographed showing off an encounter between these two forces.

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