Community Spotlight: Daemons, Aliens & A Deadly Scourge

December 16, 2016 by crew

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We're delving deep into the Hobby & Painting Forum to check out more of the awesome painting from you folks in the community. There's quite a selection of cool pieces for us to gawp at today so let's delve in!

Covenant Elite & UNSC Marine by jayadan

We're kicking things off with a look at some models from the world of Halo that have been painted up by jayadan, who always does some amazing work. Here we have his Covenant Elite in gleaming blue, their standard colour.

Covenant Elite #1 by jayadan

Covenant Elite #2 by jayadan

The armour looks wonderful and has a real metallic feel to it. This is contrasted by the more matt looking black under-armour which proves to be a nice contrast. I kind of wish he'd painted it up in the Gold of their more powerful warriors but then that might start to conjure up bad memories of them stabbing me with energy swords in Halo: Combat Evolved.

Facing up against him we have a UNSC Marine at the ready with his assault rifle.

UNSC Marine #1 by jayadan

UNSC Marine #2 by jayadan

Once again the painting is superb and really shows off all manner of nice techniques. Interestingly you still get a nice contrast between his regular uniform and the body armour here despite the similar colour scheme.

Sporting an upgraded and updated assault rifle from later iterations of the Halo franchise he'll actually be able to hit something with it too!

Scourge Fleet by guillotine

We couldn't ignore this wonderful looking Scourge Fleet by guillotine that popped up over the last few days. It's perfect considering we've just run the Dropfleet Commander Boot Camp!

Scourge Fleet #1 by guillotine

The colour scheme here is wonderful and really plays off that organic feel to the Scourge. What I really liked though was the use of glows coming from the rear and underside of the ships giving them a sense of life and breaking up the red.

Scourge Fleet #2 by guillotine

Scourge Fleet #3 by guillotine

As you can see it looks great and the little bit of extra glow added across the rest of the body makes you think they're flickering into life as the ships move.

While I'm not a fan of the Scourge I do appreciate the design of the models and the way they've been designed. They really do seem to pop and come to life and offer up plenty of opportunities for people to try out interesting paint schemes and techniques.

Khorne Daemonkin by sister0superior0skyla

We're closing things out with a creature from the realm of Fantasy that is Age of Sigmar. Here we have a Khorne Bloodletter mounted atop a Bloodcrusher, painted up by a newcomer to the site - sister0superior0skyla.

Khorne Daemonkin by sister0superior0skyla

The work on the paint job is great for a start but it also struck a cord with me because it's blue! I was adamant to not paint my Khorne in stereotypical red and so went for blue and silver, and it does work really well. I think with the iconography revealing their allegiance this paint scheme is a lot more fun than the regular red!

There's more to come from sister0superior0skyla so keep an eye out and continue to support alternative colour schemes for Daemons!

As always keep your work coming into the Hobby & Painting Forum and we'll be picking out our favourites every week to show off and give you an insight into the creativity of our community.

Dive in and show us what you're doing whatever your skill level is!

Have a great one folks!

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