Eldfall Chronicles Campaign Now Live On Kickstarter

May 18, 2021 by brennon

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Eldfall Chronicles from the folks at Freecompany is now live on Kickstarter. This big Fantasy miniatures wargame campaign immerses you in a brand new world packed with some stunning artwork, rich lore and plenty of miniatures!

Eldfall Chronicles Kickstarter - Freecompany

Eldfall Chronicles Kickstarter // Freecompany

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Eldfall Chronicles is billed as a game for one to four players which plays out in games that last anywhere from thirty minutes through to 120. The game is looking to cater for all manner of different wargamers with cooperative and competitive elements baked into the fabric of the game and its mechanics. Want to take on foes in PvE clashes? You've got it. Want to go head-to-head with your friends, you can do that too!

Eldfall Chronicles Details - Freecompany

Eldfall Chronicles // Freecompany

At the core of the game are those different methods of play. You could attempt the game solo, with friends as a cooperative experience or in competitive clashes. However you approach it, the game will have you picking a handful of miniatures from a variety of factions which each have their own unique aesthetic and tactical on the tabletop.

Maybe you'll take on the spellcasters of the Sand Kingdoms or the militaristic nature of the Empire Of Soga? If you'd like to find out more about the different factions in the game we have an article from the folks at Freecompany which you can check out HERE.

Eldfall Chronicles PvE feat. Bier und Brezel Tabletop

In addition to looking through the different factions and their background, you can also check out some gameplay for Eldfall Chronicles by checking out the video above! It gives you a good idea of the PvE clashes you can enact on the tabletop.

Turn-by-turn gameplay is very reactive and encounters flow between all of those involved so it means you shouldn't end up spending too much time sitting around. You'll have to be thinking on your feet! If you'd like to know more about the game rules then you can check out their BETA Rules Pack which contains everything you need to try out the game and see if it works for you.

Eldfall Chronicles Pledge Options

There are a number of entry points allowing you to dive into Eldfall Chronicles. The different pledge options open up more miniature kits and additional content for growing your Eldfall Chronicles collection.

Citizens Pledge - Freecompany

Citizen's Pledge // Freecompany

Adventurers Pledge - Freecompany

Adventurer's Pledge // Freecompany

The Citizen's and Adventurer's Pledge options seem like a good entry point into the game if you're looking at a specific faction or perhaps you want to get deeper into the game with some friends. I feel like the Adventure's Pledge option sits nicely as a good starting point if you're really taken by the world, the art and the miniatures.

If you want even more Eldfall Chronicles then you can also take a look at the Warlord's Pledge which offers up the Creatures Expansion and more.

Warlords Pledge - Freecompany

Warlord's Pledge // Freecompany

This isn't all that is available through the campaign though. There are plenty of options for Add-Ons and Optional Buys plus of course, the obligatory Stretch Goals which will get unlocked as the campaign continues. There is also an Early Bird Bonus for the start of the campaign which you can check out here!

Early Bird Bonus - Freecompany

Early Bird Bonus // Freecompany

As it stands, I'd say that there is quite a lot for you to sink your teeth into when it comes to Eldfall Chronicles. The team behind the game has done a lot of work behind the scenes on all of the artwork and world-building plus they have also done a hefty amount of playtesting to get the game to the place it is now.

Eldfall Chronicles Kickstarter // Freecompany

If you're interested in joining the community around the game then they have a Facebook Page, Instagram and a Discord Channel where you can get absorbed in the world and start helping them out with future content for the game too.

Let us know if Eldfall Chronicles takes your fancy!

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