Eldfall Chronicles Moves Towards Final 48 Hours On Kickstarter!

June 15, 2021 by brennon

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Eldfall Chronicles from FreeCompany is moving towards its final 48 hours on Kickstarter. With that, we wanted to take a peek at what they've been doing recently as they look to bring their brand new Fantasy skirmish game to life.

Eldfall Chronicles Cover - FreeCompany

Eldfall Chronicles On Kickstarter // FreeCompany

Eldfall Chronicles is a great new skirmish wargame that can be played in a variety of different ways. However you approach it, either via a cooperative or competitive lens, you'll get access to a world featuring beautiful miniatures and tight and dynamic gameplay.

If you're interested in the gameplay aspects of Eldfall Chronicles then I'd highly recommend checking out Gerry's first impressions of the game down below...


Eldfall Chronicles First Playthrough

As well as that, if you'd like to learn about the various ways that you can get involved with the project then we covered the pledge options and more HERE. It should be noted that the crew behind Eldfall Chronicles are very active within their community and even ran a Q&A recently!

Q&A Session // Eldfall Chronicles

If you're interested in joining the community around the game then they have a Facebook PageInstagram and a Discord Channel where you can get absorbed in the world and start helping them out with future content for the game too.

New Character Designs

As the campaign looks ahead to unlocking more content through stretch goals, the folks at FreeCompany have been showing off more of their artwork and lore too. There is a real "anime" vibe to a lot of the characters in the world of Eldfall Chronicles and you can see that in the likes of the Night-Temple Priestess.

Night-Temple Priestess - Eldfall Chronicles

Night-Temple Priestess // Eldfall Chronicles

You can learn more about the lore behind this particular lady in their update HERE. If you want to move beyond the Coalition Of Thenion then you might instead be drawn to some new character designs for the Sand Kingdoms instead?

Faris Outrider - Eldfall Chronicles

Faris Outrider // Eldfall Chronicles

The characters and factions within Eldfall Chronicles are all unique and focus on very different methods of play. The number of miniatures you'll use per game is also pretty small so you really get a sense of the heroic abilities that each style of character gets to bring to the tabletop.

Helrin Expatriate - Eldfall Chronicles

Helrin Expatriate // Eldfall Chronicles

You can learn about the lore of these two new characters over on their own update HERE and there will be profiles available to view on their Discord server soon too.

Eldfall Chronicles is really shaping up to be a unique game worth your attention. With a small model count, different ways to play, asymmetrical factions and combat mechanics that feel deep and engaging, it seems like it could make for a fun experience.

Eldfall Chronicles On Kickstarter // FreeCompany

Are you going to be giving this game a look on Kickstarter?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below...

"With a small model count, different ways to play, asymmetrical factions and combat mechanics that feel deep and engaging, it seems like it could make for a fun experience..."

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