Emvicreative Bring New Goblin Heroes To Greenskull Castle!

September 8, 2021 by brennon

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Emvicreative has now hit up Kickstarter with their new project which is aiming to get a new bunch of Heroes & Legends to the tabletop for their Greenskull Castle range. There are eight new heroes and six giants for you to check out this time around.

Greenskull Castle Heroes & Legends - Emvicreative 2

Greenskull Castle Heroes & Legends On Kickstarter // Emvicreative

As was the case with the previous Kickstarter, Emvicreative has been working from the ground up to produce a superb range of 32mm resin miniatures which should be a great fit for existing collections. You could also use them simply as painting projects and display pieces if you prefer.

Heroes - Greenskull Castle 2

Heroes // Greenskull Castle

Each of the miniatures from this campaign has been sculpted digitally and then gone through a careful process of chopping and changing to make sure that they work when converted into the final resin product. They even went to the effort of positioning and tweaking the sculpts so that when you clip them off the sprues there is minimal clean-up needed.

This applies to the Heroes that you see above and the Giants that you can check out below. I really like that Emvicreative has decided to go even bigger than they did in the past with this new set of miniatures.

Giants - Greenskull Castle

Giants // Greenskull Castle

You've seen a lot of the miniatures in their bare resin form but they look even better when they have been painted up. Take a peek at Kladruts here for example!

Kladruts - Greenskull Castle

Kladruts // Greenskull Castle

A miniature that is clearly based on a well-known character but with a few tweaks here and there. I love that all of their Goblins have those big droopy noses and you will always find a weird puppet somewhere too!

The big boys are the real stars of the show though this time around. For example, check out the big stompy Jurguun!

Jurguun - Greenskull Castle

Jurguun // Greenskull Castle

Stepping away from the more classic greenskin/giant look we also have the wild and dangerous-looking Steleron which seems to me like it could be a foe for the heroes of Greenskull Castle to face.

Steleron - Greenskull Castle

Steleron // Greenskull Castle

There is much, much more for you to check out over on the Kickstarter page which is linked at the top of this story and below! If you're eager to pick up some great-looking goblins and some fabulous monsters then this is well worth taking a peek at.

Greenskull Castle Heroes & Legends On Kickstarter // Emvicreative

Are you going to be taking a peek at this Kickstarter? I think Gerry is probably going to get in on this one.

Which is your favourite character (or giant) so far?

"If you're eager to pick up some great-looking goblins and some fabulous monsters then this is well worth taking a peek at..."

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