Lightseekers: Expanding The Starter Decks

March 1, 2018 by dignity

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After our inaugural matches of Lightseekers [here & here] with the base starter decks we were itching for a rematch, but first, we tore through some booster packs to make them even better.

Lightseekers: Expanding the Starter Decks

Justin has chosen to use the Tech deck with Anzi the Mender as his hero, who will deal 1 damage when he plays a mechanical buff. Coco has chosen the Storm deck to modify with the Fish Singer Ushi hero who will make storm combos cheaper by one element.

Az is sticking with his beloved Dolo the Mighty of the Mountain deck, trying to capitalise on his ability to draw two cards and using the crystal specialisation to pump out as much damage as possible.

Taking it a step further Az experiments with creating a cross-order deck, giving him access to cards from another order.

Have you guys tried your hand at creating cross-order decks?

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