Take A Peek At The Expansive Future World Creator Kickstarter

September 4, 2019 by brennon

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The Future World Creator Kickstarter from GameStart Edizioni is going great guns over on the funding platform. They have powered through their funding goal and additional content is flooding in for the campaign by the day.

Take A Peek At The Expansive Future World Creator Kickstarter

Check Out The Kickstarter Here

With fifteen days left on their campaign, we thought we'd take another look at the project and what it has to offer so if you've missed this, you can dive right in.

Future World Creator Main - Gamestart Edizioni

The main focus of the campaign is to create a set of tiles for Games Masters and gamers who want to create exterior and interior locations for you to game on. These landscapes could become the focal point of your roleplaying games, maybe something like Starfinder, or end up as the setting for a clash between alien forces in a skirmish game.

Future World Creator Gameplay #1 - Gamestart Edizioni

The main pledge for the game comes as a massive box which contains all sorts of goodies. As well as the puzzle-lock tiles you will also get pieces of set on terrain, objectives, scatter and of course all of those amazing full-colour standees which are perfect for representing both your heroes and villains on the tabletop.

As well as providing a set of amazing full-colour tiles which are vibrant and evocative the team at GameStart Edizioni have also made the pieces in their set functional. All of the tiles are re-writable thanks to their covering meaning you can doodle on them and tinker with the designs to your heart's content.

Keeping with the theme of being playable the sets also feature neat additional extras like status tokens, vehicles, and the little clips which you'll use for each of the characters on the tabletop. With this, you can mark heroes, villains, NPCs and bosses with a quick glance.

Future World Creator Gameplay #2 - Gamestart Edizioni

If you're interested in the elements you've seen so far you'll be glad to know that the quality is pretty up to scratch right now and they've even got plans to refine it, even more, thanks to community feedback. Warren and Gerry got one of the preview packs sent out by Gamestart Edizioni and showed off the contents plus what you can do with them if you get inventive.

I am also personally a big fan of what GameStart Edizioni do. Full disclaimer, I backed their previous campaign for the Fantasy World Creator and honestly, I don't think I am ever going to need to buy dungeon tiles ever again. I just backed at the entry-level pledge and got so much stuff it spilt out of the core box and I've had to store it in other ways!

I should also say that the Web App is a fantastic addition to their available options. It means that when you find some downtime at work you can plan out your next dungeon!

Web App - Gamestart Edizioni

I know that Gerry and Warren already enjoyed tinkering around with this even though it was just the basic version of it which included the options from the preview box.

Neat Add-Ons

I mentioned above about the basics of what you're getting and you've seen it in action but I also want to look at some of the extra stuff they've added into the mix along the way. The first set is great for me as I've been obsessed with No Man's Sky recently.

Space & Planet Tiles - Gamestart Edizoni

These Giant Tiles are just calling me to get some starships out and start battling it out in the depths of space. Thankfully, the team at GameStart Edizioni have also worked on a set of different ships which you can use for some epic space battles.

Space Objects - Gamestart Edizioni

This is a great set because it works very well with the stuff that you get to do in Starfinder in particular. Whilst the game follows a lot of the classic dungeon crawling mantras (but in space) you can also make your own starships and get stuck into some intense skirmishes in that way too. With that in mind, why not snap this up?

As well as the additional goodies tile-wise you also have this Equipment & Backpack board which allows you to show off what your character has got stored on their person.

Equipment & Backpack Boar - Gamestart Edizioni

This immediately reminded me of the character screens you'd find in games like Mass Effect and Diablo and, much like with what we've talked about before, it's good to have lots of ways to see what you have to hand at a moments glance. Another gaming aid which should be of great help to those who are roleplaying or skirmishing with this set.

Gaming Options

As we've mentioned above the team at GameStart Edizioni have made this so that the kit can be used with all sorts of games but they have also been working on ways for you to get gaming with it right away. Firstly, we have the Bracken's War: Blood Of Edaria adventure by Guy Sclanders.

Brackens War

This is a rules agnostic set which brings together an adventure which can be played out using the kit from the Future World Creator set. Everything has been set up in terms of the story and you simply have to tweak the monsters and challenges that your heroes face to work with game systems like Starfinder for example.

There is also a proper game in the works by Jonathan Gilmour and Sarah Addison which turns the kit into a one-to-four player rogue-like gaming system where you battle through different scenarios to claim artefacts and plunder whilst facing down monstrous foes.

Future World Creator Game

This sounds like a great way to be gaming with your kit right away when it lands. As I said when discussing this during the Weekender I think that this is a great kit for Games Masters who want to start making their roleplaying adventures pop. Yes, people like miniatures but it's so much easier to just pop out the standees you need and get stuck in that way.

Check Out The Kickstarter Here

So, are you tempted to dive in and find out more about the Future World Creator Kickstarter?

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