Wild West Exodus Faction Chat: Lawmen!

February 24, 2015 by warzan

For this Wild West Exodus faction chat we take a look at the Lawmen who are the men, women and bots (yes bots!) on the tail of Jesse James and his band of Outlaws.

Wild West Exodus Faction Chat: Lawmen Judge K. Stern

These guys have the tough task of upholding the law in the world of WWX and at times work around the jurisdiction of the Union as well as bend the rules to get their man.

They also have the Lawbots on their side who don't think twice when it comes to dealing swift and brutal justice to law breakers. This faction gives you the opportunity to have a Tombstone reunion as it includes the Earp brothers and Doc Holiday!

Wild West Exodus Faction Chat: Lawmen Gyrocopter

Throughout this themed week we're looking at each faction in the Wild West Exodus universe so stay tuned.

Which member of the Earp family is your favourite?

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