Snap Up More Fascinating Stencils From Anarchy Models!

September 26, 2023 by brennon

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Anarchy Models are back on Kickstarter with a new campaign focused on offering up ace stencils for use with your wargaming miniatures. These new HS Stencils are great for getting awesome patterns onto your vehicles, terrain and monsters!

HS Stencil System - Wave 4 - Anarchy Models

HS Stencil System - Wave 4 Kickstarter // Anarchy Models

As the title would suggest, this new Kickstarter comes with options for picking up a whole host of reusable and flexible stencils which should be nice and easy to use. They can be used to give you detailed camouflage patterns as well as offer additional detail to your various miniatures.

There is a nice selection of different stencils for you to choose from as part of the project but my favourite has to be the organic ones that are a little bit of a "creature feature". I really like these for use with alien creatures like the Tyranids shown here as well as on small creatures that you might have in your collection.

Coconut Crab - Anarchy Models

Coconut Crab // Anarchy Models

As well as the fascinating Coconut Crab pattern that you see here, there is also this excellent pattern which would be great for those going above and beyond on their miniatures. As you can see, it gives your miniatures a particularly funky look and as I believe Gerry pointed out, these would also be good on the robes of a cultist!

Kraken - Anarchy Models

Kraken // Anarchy Models

Going back to the classic vehicle camouflage, we have some awesome designs that would be fun to play around with. This one is the Binary Code Rain design which seems to suit the Necrons very well indeed. It might also be good when included as part of something properly cyberpunk, perhaps on the side of a building.

Binary Code Rain - Anarchy Models

Binary Code Rain // Anarchy Models

There are also some ace designs for you to play around with like this Stretchagon Camo look. If you're doing a lot of Near Future wargaming then these would be great when applied to your vehicles, especially when you play around with different colours.

Stretchagon Camo - Anarchy Models

Stretchagon Camo // Anarchy Models

There is a lot more as part of the Anarchy Models Kickstarter worth looking at in detail. If none of these stencils take your fancy then you are sure to find some over on the project that you might want to snap up. Additionally, all of the stencils will be available after the campaign on the Anarchy Models webstore.

Will you be picking up some of these new stencils?

"There is a lot more as part of the Anarchy Models Kickstarter worth looking at in detail..."

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