Final Days For Monolith’s Mythic Battles: Pantheon 1.5 Kickstarter!

June 11, 2018 by brennon

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Monolith is been back on Kickstarter with Mythic Battles: Pantheon 1.5. This Kickstarter not only brings back the titanic project which sees mighty Gods clashing against each other alongside heroes and monsters, but also throws some tweaks and such your way too. All of this is available...

Mythic Battles Pantheon - Monolith

You can come in at the position of simply aiming for the Core Box and all of the Stretch Goals unlocked during the campaign, or you can go all in and get the whole array of content you see above, giving you everything you need to delve into some hobby for years to come.

They have designed a range of options for backers so you can pick up whatever you want. For example, if you only went in for the core game and its stretch goals last time, well, you can snap up specific expansion boxes this time around.

New Expansions

As well as what we've already seen, the team at Monolith had some new content for us as well. You can snag two new expansions for Ymir, based on the model for Mythic Battles: Ragnarok, and Dionysus, the God of debauchery!

Dionysus & Ymir Expansions - Mythic Battles

Ymir is the first of the Norse Giants and a perfect fit for those looking to bring forth a new model to enter the pantheon and do battle with these Greek pretenders. You'll also be pleased to know that as part of the fundraiser you can also get an alternative head, more in line with the artwork.

Ymir Expansion - Monolith

Ymir Alternative Head - Monolith

Loving the chance to get stuck in with his sweet (not so sweet) fawns, you also have Dionysus.

Dionysus Expansion - Monolith

"Dionysus was conceived during an adulterous union between Zeus and the mortal Semele, daughter of the King of Thebes. After his mother’s death, he was sewn into Zeus’ thigh and kept safe until he reached maturity.

To enter the Greek Pantheon, he had to contend not only with his mortal origins but also with Hera’s potent and fiery jealousy. By exploiting the intoxicating power of wine, he managed to reconcile Hera with her son Hephaestus, and thereby proved his divine legitimacy. Dionysus has been worshipped as the god of wine and excess—known for his orgies and merriment, but also for his fits of rage and madness."

He is a very weird character, as you can see in the model above. I'm sure he is going to be utterly awful and destructive on the tabletop when it comes to using him in game.

What's New?

As well as all of this good stuff, some tweaks have been made to the rules. You can check out our demo game of course for some of the core rules!

So, here's a rundown of what they've changed...

  • The villager mode has been removed because it saw very little use. Additionally, villager miniatures do not appear in the base box and only in an add-on that we chose not to reprint for this campaign.
  • A pictogram has been added to the troop maps and dashboards to more easily identify which set (Mythic Battles: Pantheon OR Ragnarök ) the miniatures belong to. We have done this in anticipation of Mythic Battles: Ragnarök and us wanting things to be clear for organizational purposes.
  • A pictogram has been added to troop maps and dashboards to indicate, in addition to colour, the unit type (troops, monster, hero, god or titan).
  • Both rocks have been removed. Indeed, it turns out that players had a lot of trouble assembling them and they hindered the readability on the board and sometimes obscured some miniatures. In addition, during our editing of the rules, we reviewed our wording and realized that only trees and columns are considered "3D elements" which obey specific rules. So the rocks’ placement is static/immovable and the 3D pieces were merely an attempt to add dimension to the board.
  • For the "skirmish" scenario, we have created a "built" mode in addition to the "draft" mode. Thus, players who wish can dial their warband ahead and optimize their combos to face their opponent. In this way, it is also easier to focus on painting the figurines that make up their favourite bands.
  • We took advantage of the space gained by removing the rocks to replace the generic power tokens with specific tokens. Thus, in the core box, Arachne will have her own "web" token, for example. Some pieces will have a front with a different colour from their back to facilitate their use in the "built" mode.
  • The system of stat clips that we designed did not seem to live up to the expectations of players. We’ve discovered that even if they glide perfectly in the rails of the dashboards and framed the row of characteristics, they did not hold their position in the event of an unexpected bump. So we have revised this design by adding a rubber rear piece to the stat clips. Now the stat clips remain in place. As these are meant to be clipped and unclipped at will, in the box you will find 20 stat clips (with their backs), which is enough for a classic four-player game. Thus, add-ons will no longer contain new stat clips. If you pledged during the first MBP campaign and you do not pledge anything during this campaign but you want to receive the 20 stat clip backs for free, you will just need to make a request during the pledge manager that will follow this campaign. If you have pledged during the first MBP campaign and you pledged for at least one product during this current campaign, you will receive the 20 stat clip backs for free. If you want to have more than 20 stat clips backs, you will be allowed to buy them from the pledge manager.

So, have a read through that! I liked the last point about the new clips and being able to pick some up if you would like.

Expansions & More

Of course, as we said above, there are SO many things for you to pick up. I've just picked up two of the big God expansions worth delving into with both Poseidon...

Poseidon Expansion - Monolith

...and Hera. Both of these games come with great God models, expansion content and additional rules for play, massive monsters and of course some heroes too.

Hera Expansion - Monolith

There is a LOT for you to get stuck into and if you're interested in delving deeper into Mythic Battles: Pantheon you have just a few days left to explore this world.

Will you be going in on the game this time around?

"Will you be going in on the game this time around?"

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