Infinity Operation Flamestrike: AI Historian Results

June 13, 2016 by Justin

That's it guys. With thirteen weeks of amazing games played and calculated, we can finally announce that Operation Flamestrike is over and here are the results from the AI Historians.

Infinity Operation Flamestrike: AI Historian Results

We hope you've had an excellent time playing your games of Infinity and using out campaign platform. We've had a blast and we hope you stick around for more from us and Covus Belli.

What was your favourite moment in Flamestrike?

Some of our Favourite Battle Reports from Operation Flamestrike:

AGOGE Center

“Damn Stupid Jungle Luck” by Terror

“Cold Sleep” by Cryptonomicon

ARANDA Astrologistic

Friendly Encounterby Nazroth

Unstoppableby Graviton


No Moratsby Steve Rogers

Not so friendly fire by Terror


“Infiltrators Infiltrators everywhere” by LuisJoey

“Operation Raven - Faith triumphs over Honour” by Leo

NAROOMA Advanced Hospital Complex

This Hospital belongs to Haqqislamby Sco

Tartare de Xifangby Julburgz

ONZA Goverment HQ

The 1% by Vaulsc

“Aliens Heads to the Goverment HQ” by Tanagar

Sagres Orbital Tracking Station

“A touch of Zen. A ton of bullets.” by MeekRebel

Last Stand at Sagres, Svalarheima defend by GMG AshBarker

Tiānxiàn Astroport City

Against all oddsby Ichan

Virus Bombs over TianXian by Goonhammer

Zhurong Power Plant

Rattlesnakeby Sireen_Barakat

“Pheasant emperor’s sunset 2” by Hurtado Inmortal

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