The Four Armies Of Forge Of Destiny + Full Rules Available To Try Out!

March 16, 2018 by brennon

We have another stop in with the folks from New Destiny Games as they show off the finished painted armies for Forge Of Destiny!

The Four Armies Of Forge Of Destiny + Full Rules Available To Try Out!

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Good day, everyone!

As we are getting closer to launch, we would like to give you a brief summary of what we accomplished thus far...

All four studio armies are ready and painted and as you can see they are looking great thanks to our tireless painter! This means that the design of miniatures for all four starter boxes is 100% complete.

Brakkan Hunters - Forge Of Destiny

The Box Art for all of the miniatures that you'll be getting is also finished.

Children Of The Dragon Crypt Keepers - Forge Of Destiny

The Rulebook cover art is almost done, and the army book covers are finished!

FALCON Militia - Forge Of Destiny

The Rules are available for FREE download HERE. This link leads to a Print-And-Play version of the rules where you can grab downloads to make the four armies in paper as well as a battlefield to fight on. It takes about an hour to get both the fields and all armies assembled, and then you can begin fighting!

The Shattered SCS Node - Forge Of Destiny

Make sure to check out the interview that Beasts Of War did with us here about The World...

....and we also have a separate video with a Let's Play of the game, showing you the mechanics in action. More videos are coming soon as well so watch this space.

For the Russian community, yesterday we went to The Station in Saint Petersburg where we filmed some awesome Russian-language content. So, watch out for that as well!

Thank you all for your valuable and precious support. The Kickstarter will go live soon and it would not be possible without you believing in us! We are very happy with this since after all these years we will be able to finally share Forge Of Destiny with you all!

Yours truly, FoD team!

"The Rules are available for FREE download..."

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