Community Spotlight: Gaslands Vehicles, Farstriding Stormcast & Hive Terrain

June 8, 2018 by brennon

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We stop into the Projects again this week and see what people have been working on. We have some very different approaches this week, showing off finished work, lots of WiP and even some table builds as well.

As always, everyone featured here wins themselves a Golden Button for their efforts and gets added into the hall of fame!

Gaslands Vehicles by osbad

The first work comes from osbad who has put together a wonderful tutorial on how to make vehicles for Gaslands based on some of the toys that you can snag from stores!

Gaslands (Main) by osbad

Not only has he shown off the various steps, but he delves into some of the tips and tricks that you'll need to consider when building these pieces. You can see progress shots for a lot of his different vehicles, focusing in on the wider selection and then individual pieces too.

Gaslands #1 by osbad

I think you'll agree that they've come out looking awesome as well. With plenty of muck and grime smeared across these vehicles and some battle damage, you could see them out there in the wasteland fighting for survival.

Gaslands #2 by osbad

For such a simple premise, it's awesome to see that people have been getting inventive when it comes to creating vehicles for this game. This no doubt just scratches the surface of what osbad has planned too. I can imagine that tinkering with these vehicles can be very addictive!

Stormcast Farstriders by stainless001

Next up, we look to a contributor and friend of the website, stainless001. With Shadespire becoming more and more popular he went ahead and created a Project on painting up his Stormcast Eternal Farstrider warband for the game.

Shadespire Farstriders by stainless001

The final look for the models is clean and neat, with plenty of effort going into making that silver pop. The blue weapons really do then offset some of the darker tones across the model and help act as a focal point for the eye.

What was awesome, however, is that stainless001 (also known as Sam) created a Youtube video going into some of his techniques too, showing off the process.

This is great to see, and while a lot of people might not have the capability to produce videos showing off the process it can be helpful for a lot of folks. Failing that, make sure to get lots of pictures showing off the stages that went into painting your models!

Industrial Hive Terrain by seldon9

Last but not least we have some work by the ever impressive seldon9, and something a bit different. Here he put together a project detailing just how he get his Industrial Hive Terrain collection together.

Industrial Hive Terrain by seldon9

As well as talking about the design of the tabletop and how the layout would work, he also showed off some of the techniques he used for designing elements of the table too. You can see how he went through the various stages of choosing the overall look for the table...

Industrial Hive Terrain #2 by seldon9

...and also some painting instruction on the bulkheads and such which seal off parts of the game board.

Industrial Hive Terrain #3 by seldon9

This shows off that Projects aren't just for painting models but indeed ALL of your projects. We'd love to see more people exploring the possibilities of this and maybe even delving into Battle Reports using the system too!

What Are You Painting Right Now?

Every week we’re absolutely blown away by the incredible topics that are put into the Projects, it’s getting more difficult to choose Community Spotlights! We love your work and we hope to see a lot more of it in the future!

If you fancy getting your hobby fingers out and showing off your newest paint job, terrain piece or even greatest gaming achievement, we want to know about it!

We don’t mind if you’re a newcomer to painting or a veteran of the brush, everything you do inspires us to create more and more content together!

What do you think of the entries this week?

"We don’t mind if you’re a newcomer to painting or a veteran of the brush, everything you do inspires us to create more and more content together!"

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