Go Flying High With MAOW Miniatures’ Johnny Rocket

March 5, 2014 by brennon

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MAOW Miniatures have released another awesome looking limited edition miniature in the form of Johnny Rocket! See what you think of this high flying steampunk hero...

Johnny Rocket

Johnny Rocket (Alt)

This is quite the cool looking miniature from them, another very good display piece. I like the stance, as if he is running along a gangway or roof ready to take flight.

The paint job really does set this miniature off and I love that despite the colour palette being very similar across the whole piece it doesn't look that samey. It all blends nicely and the added rusting effect they have given to the wings gives them an archaic and used look too.

It certainly gives you a whole bunch of ideas for when you're painting him yourself.

Will you be blasting off?

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