The History Of Albedo Combat Patrol

November 16, 2018 by dignity

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Chris from Sally 4th hops into the studio to give Justin a lore rundown of the Albedo universe and where Albedo Combat Patrol fits in.

History of Albedo Combat Patrol

Being situated within the Albedo Anthropomorphics universe where the illustrious Usagi Yojimbo got its start, ACP focuses on the conflict between the EDF and the ILR. The EDF or Extra-Planetary Defense Force are an inclusive collective of anthropomorphic critters unified in a socialist utopia of sharing and diversity.

The ILR or the Independent Lapine Republic, on the other hand, are a ruthless, capitalist force focused on increasing their control of resources to satiate their consumerist ideology.

What do you think about the interesting analogy of the Albedo Anthropomorphics universe as a setting for the game?

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