Get Creative & Spooky With Hobbyween!

October 20, 2016 by crew

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Halloween is just around the corner. What started off as me (@mage) trying to (after failing previous years) do something scary-themed for my October Halloween hobby fix (Warmachine Cryx to be specific) snowballed from a thread about throwing up some metaphorical/digital decoration on Beasts of War and then into something happening in an official capacity on the site!

Get Creative & Spooky With Hobbyween!

After some discussion with @lancorz and some behind the scenes discussion on Beasts of War, we present Hobbyween. Since Beasts of War blurs the lines between being a community-driven site and an online community in its own right, this has me really excited.

I can't wait to see what site members, new and old will come up with. If any of the forum driven community painting challenges are anything to go by, this is shaping up to be quite promising.

Running until November 1st, and getting an official mention on the Weekender as well (woohoo!) the consensus was to not overdo it with the competitions and keep it accessible for all.


With that in mind, we have...

  1. Murdering Miniature - A single miniature with a scary paint job. It could be a gory offering, some sort of spectral spectacular, or a black and white masterpiece.
  2. Killer Kitbashing - Kitbash or convert your own Frankenstein's Monster or other legally safe knock off of a horrific creature!
  3. Terrifying Terrain - Hallowe'en themed terrain of course! Coffin' you say? Then hands up to your mouth, please.
  4. Paranormal Pumpkin Carving - A carving spectacular or suitable gaming or nerd culture related pumpkin carving. No smiley faces. 'Nuff said.

Keep in mind two things; the rule of cool and keep the model either scary or Halloween themed. Regarding the latter, there are plenty of scary things that aren't 'horror' or scary in the spirit of Halloween (while a Tank Heavy Imperial Guard army is scary to face, it isn't 'scary-scary') while some Halloween stuff isn't scary either (dressing up as a Power Ranger or Cowboy).

Make sure to use the Hobby & Painting Forum for your entries and mark them with the Hobbyween tag and also as part of their title. (Click here to learn about tags)

If you are a Junior Beast we have no designated category this time around but we are looking to reward our younger viewers and hobbyists too so do let us know in the thread! Extra points awarded if you manage to carve a marrow!

Happy gaming!

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