Home Raiders Kickstarter Launches – Watch the Demo Game Now!

May 9, 2015 by warzan

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The charming world of Home Raiders has launched on Kickstarter from Vesper-On and we can't wait to see more people delving into this wonderful 1:1 scale (yes, you heard it right) wargame where little people from other dimensions come and explore our very own BIG world...

Home Raiders (Logo)

What Is Home Raiders?

Home Raiders focuses in on the various factions from Inner-Space who have found portals into our own world and now scamper around looking for resources to use for their own schemes. The game has been made easy to grasp and fast paced so you can play it ON your table during a lunch break with friends using the ACE game engine.

Home Raiders (Painted)

You can download the Rules for the game HERE and the Characters Cards HERE to give it a go and see what you think. Alternatively you can look up above this article and watch our Demo Game with David Esbri where we take you through the mechanics of the game.

Warren and David set up to play over a rather delicious looking tabletop in a scrap between the New Lilliputians and Gremlins as they search for a key to take back into their own dimension.

The Factions

You can't have a game without factions and the two ones that will be present in the main boxed game are those of New Lilliput and the Gremlins who both have very interesting motives for being in our world...

New Lilliput Faction

"These were the first race to start travelling the Inner-space, and they accidentally opened the gates to our world for the rest of the Inner-space inhabitants. They now feel responsible for that, and have imposed onto themselves the mission to keep our world in order, safe from the mischief of the other factions."


"They live in one of the first inner worlds to be visited by New Lilliput. Clever and industrious, they soon learned the technology to create portals, and have been visiting us ever since. They love our technology, and they often take it from us in order to create their crazy contraptions."

As well as these two factions which you can learn more about HERE there are three extra factions that have been planned for the game and you can vote on who is next by checking out the Poll that Vesper-On have set up.

Freeloaders & Fair Folk

"The Freeloaders are a lazy and laid back society, but they adore our stuff. They are intrigued by the simplest of our objects, and they often use them in ways far from what they were originally invented for. The Freeloaders see our homes as enormous warehouses, where they catalogue and reorganize what they believe to be their collections."

"The Fair Folk used to live amongst us in the forests and in our gardens. We forgot about them, casting them aside, only to be known as elves and fairies in children’s bedtime stories. Now they want to reclaim their space, and they will use all of their magic to do so."

Personally I would have to vote for the Fair Folk and I'd take my tabletop gaming outside to play in the garden! Now we can't get accused of never going out into the sun.

Lords of Dust

Last but not least are the rather crazy looking Lords of Dust. Yes, those are penguins...

"The Lords of Dust live in a world saturated by dust. Their streets are paved with sod, and their factories are surrounded by black deserts of grime. As soon as they got their hands on Portal technology, and discovered our world, they started unloading their dust onto our shelves and under our beds."

The Pledge

Now to the obvious business of the pledging and how you can get involved. Well, there is a great pledge level which comes two factions, dice, tokens, gems, the rules, a fantastic box in the style of an old book, character cards and you get the RAF Pilot model as an exclusive.

Main Pledge

The first stretch goal has already been shown off and it includes not one, not two, but three rewards that will add to your factions and help keep your factions safe...

First Stretch Goal

Not bad for one single pledge level. I think I'm going to have to plump for the Gremlins in this game but as soon as the Fair Folk are unlocked I'm going to have a second faction to play around with I think.

Home Raiders Kickstarter

If you'd like to know more then make sure to keep an eye out here on Beasts of War or on their Facebook Page.

What do you make of Home Raiders?

"The game has been made easy to grasp and fast paced so you can play it ON your table during a lunch break with friends using the ACE game engine..."

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"Personally I would have to vote for the Fair Folk and I'd take my tabletop gaming outside to play in the garden!"

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