Kingdom Death Show Off A Phenomenal Miniatures Sprue!

July 10, 2014 by brennon

Kingdom Death is a little behind on their update at the moment but in recompense they showed off the amazing plastic sprue for their Unarmoured Survivor. There is a lot on here to customise your poor unfortunate hero or heroine and if you could find out a way of magnetising enough of the components maybe you could switch them out on the fly!

Unarmoured Survivors

First up here are said Survivors clinging to their lanterns and hoping that the light lasts long enough down in the darkness! But of course there is much more where that came from once you start looking at the sprues themselves...

Unarmoured Sprue #1

Unarmoured Sprue #2

There are lots of delicate parts and it might end up being quite the Malifaux-esque task to put these together without gluing your own fingers together and the model itself! Still it all looks very well realised and with plenty of detail.

Sprue Components

Here is a more coherant breakdown of exactly what's on the sprues and maybe you'll be able to start planning out exactly where you want to take your own Survivor. What creation do you think you'll be making?

Are you still chomping at the bit for Monster?

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