Kingdom Death, Street Fighter & More! Meet Miniature Sculptor Hector Moran | Interview

May 4, 2021 by avernos

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Gerry gets to talk to the talented digital sculptor, Hector Moran (@sculptorhec). He has worked on massive projects like Kingdom Death by Adam Poots plus Street Fighter by AngryJoe and Jasco Games.


Hector Moran's Portfolio

We delve into Moran's history in the industry and some of the different games he's worked on. We'll get a look at the work on Kingdom Death, Relic Knights, Mierce Miniatures, Dragon Prince, Street Fighter and the upcoming Mortal Kombat Miniatures Game!

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You can follow more from Hector Moran via @sculptorhec on social media!

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"You can follow more directly from Hector Moran at @sculptorhec on social media! "

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