May 4th Be With You: Character Creation Competition – NOW CLOSED

April 29, 2022 by fcostin

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Happy Star Wars Celebrations everybody! Already, Free? We're not even out of April yet...

May the Fourth is upon us and we are hosting a world of Star Wars goodness over on the site next week. Including an RPG playthrough, different activities, a themed weekender, special COG content, and in total - celebrating all things Star Wars.

To kick off the celebrations - we are starting off with a competition here on the site, that will require you to flex your creativity over on Hero Forge. One that some of you may find familiar if you were around last Blue Monday and were witness to the likes of Speedo Goblin, or formally known as, Mr. Higgins.


OnTableTop's Star Wars Character Creation Competition

Character Creation Competition Now Closed!

The Star Wars Character Creation Competition has now begun, and entering couldn't be simpler. Using Hero Forge, you will create a character design that will fit into one of the following categories:

  • Are you Sure This Is The Droid You Are Looking For? - Have you paid credits for a droid that not even the Jawas would bother stealing? Faulty in certain areas and came with a few unexpected quirks? It takes a good salesman to palm off some dodgy droids. C3PO didn't even come with clothes!
  • Cantina Dweller - The Cantina is the place where you will see all walks of life. You can lounge at the bar, indulge in some Death Sticks, or simply absorb the ambience from the best Jizz artists in the business. The Cantina is full of all walks of life. Either working for or against the Empire, there will always be a drink waiting in the grey area that is the Cantina.
  • Force Undiscovered - Ever thought you were special and nobody cared? Able to move things with your mind or see things before they happen? Sadly, you've been unluckily born outside The Republic. How would you use your unhoned skills to survive? Anakin Skywalker could have been a slave his whole life or a mighty Pod Racer if the Jedi never turned up! Not to mention how many younglings would have survived...

Once you have designed your character on the Hero Forge platform, click the share button and this will generate a link that you can add below in the comments on this thread. When posting below, alongside the link, be sure to add in a name of your character, a short bit of back-story, and highlight what category you are entering.

Winners will be announced on the Star Wars-themed weekender, Revenge of the Sixth next Friday. So, be sure that you have your entry below in the comments by 23:59 BST on Wednesday, May the 4th, so we have plenty of time to pull together all of your creations.

Hero Forge - Plastic Example

Plastic Miniature Design Examples // Hero Forge 

Get Started On Hero Forge!

There will be one winner per category: meaning three in total. And if you have been selected as one of our lucky winners - we will provide you with a physical model copy of your winning character in plastic. Which will be sent over to you to proudly display amongst your own hoard of treasures.

If you want to get involved in all three categories, you are most welcome to. However, please limit your entries to one per category.

I hope you all have fun! But if you are not too keen on entering, there will be a host of content next week that'll see you fit through the Star Wars Holiday!

Good Luck! And May the Fourth Be With You! 

Order 77: Enter The Star Wars Character Creation Competition

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