Sculpts From The Sea – The Minis Of The Refuge: Terror From The Deep

June 25, 2019 by crew

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The Refuge: Terror From The Deep has entered its final few days on Kickstarter and the team at B&B Games shared with us the sculpts that will be swimming out of this sub-aquatic board game.

Come and dive into some of the awesome miniatures you get in the set...

Terror From The Deep!

The Refuge: Terror From the Deep includes twenty-five miniatures - eight divers, sixteen tentacles, and of course the Kraken itself.

The models were all sculpted by David Whitaker & Tom Lishman, whose collective work includes miniatures for Lord of the Rings: Journeys into Middle Earth, and Dark Souls: the Board Game.

The underwater setting of Terror From the Deep offered the sculptors the chance to get creative with their models, something best showcased by the various divers.

There is great freedom of movement to these sculpts, one that nonetheless conveys the more ponderous speed that movement in an ancient diving suit underwater would have.

However, the star of the game is, of course, the Kraken in all his tentacular terror.

This sea monster has an imposing presence on the tabletop, making for a great central threat for the game to revolve around.

All the models will come pre-assembled, being put together using a multipart process in the factory to give detail similar to sprued miniatures. They have also been designed to roughly 35mm scale, making them suitable for use in other miniature game systems.

I could easily see some of these divers turning up in a game like Wild West Exodus, possibly as a home-brew posse of the Enlightened, while the Kraken and its tentacles will be right at home almost anywhere.

The miniatures are a stand-out part of Terror From the Deep. I'm a sucker for sub-aquatic settings, and these sculpts really play to the strengths such a background has going for it.

The Kickstarter will be running until Thursday, June 27th so if you want to see more of these minis check them out there.

What sort of sea monster would you like to see a miniature of? 

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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