Mutant Chronicles – Warzone: Resurrection 2.0 Beta Rules Download Online Now

July 1, 2016 by brennon

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Prodos Games have now put together the 2.0 Rules Beta Pack for Mutant Chronicles Warzone: Resurrection which you can download right HERE.


It should be stressed that ALL models are still totally legal to use in this game.


The only change is to the Rules Set. So, what are some of the changes you can look out for in this 2.0 Document.

Changes In Statlines

  • New Size Value: This is used as a modifier for shooting those models and replaces most of the old base-sized rules
  • DEF Value: This new value defines how good a model is at defending himself in CC. Its added as a negative modifier to CC attacks against this model.
  • Coherency: Is now a fixed value for each squad
  • AV / AVV: Vehicles now have Wounds. This brings them in line with other models and makes balancing much easier. The vulnerability should be the same as it was, Rocket Launchers are getting more important though
  • All vehicles now have 3 AP and all have the same damage table. This was confusing to many players that did not understand why one had 2 and the other 4 AP.
  • RoA and RoF are now RoA.
  • Armour Vulnerability is gone. Some factions were very vulnerable to one specific damage type (Cybertronic => Plasma). Also, calculating how much armour you actually have slowed down game play.

Wider Changes

  • Facing: The game now uses facing screens to determine if a model can be seen or not. Bigger models like Grizzlys wont have screens, but this should allow players to position their models without the fear of being called a power gamer
  • Token all now work the same. Ability token have all the same W and A values, traps now work the same (though they may have different effects on the unfortunate guy who trips them).
  • Flyers got their own rules – and so does cavalry. These are two new Squad types (besides Infantry and Vehicles)
  • Warlords, Lords, Advisors and Named Squad Commanders are now all Characters. One of those characters will be your army commander. The regular OOC now has room for five characters.
  • All Characters can now be attached to squads – or leave a squad during gameplay. This dynamic feature should allow players to play more tactically
  • Actions: All actions now are equally effective. The former “Aim” now also works in CC, Engage (now charge) doesn’t need a straight line anymore (but still requires LoS), every model has a free pivot action at the beginning of their activation and the former Hide is now called Evade and gives a model additional protection regardless where it is.
  • Abilities: The generic ability list (formerly special skills) is now much larger. A lot of similar skills from units have been transformed into one generic ability. We make much use of the variable (x) value, like Eagle Eye (x) which says the model can ignore any modifier to its RS value up to (x). This allows us to tune units as we wish.
  • Shooting: There will now only be one cover modifier, regardless how much cover there is. This helps players play faster and discuss less. We might fine-tune the shooting modifiers during the Open Beta still.
  • Terrain: Similar to Shooting, light and heavy terrain are now just difficult terrain. Did you know there was a rule that said any light terrain counts as heavy terrain if you move further than 3” through it? No? Good, the differentiation is gone.
  • A lot of rules that never really got used are now gone: Squad special actions are and Special close combat actions are, too. A lot of players took a long time looking those up and remembering them – but did not use them regardless. That was a sign for us they could be removed.
  • New Deployment Options: To expand the deployment options Infiltrate, Preemptive Strike and Rapid Deployment, we devised Flank deployment and the exciting new stalk mechanic!

This all sounds very positive and takes the game in a new direction allowing you to look at playing faster games of Warzone: Resurrection with less complication.


The range for this game is of course still growing and with each new release we're seeing tweaks and changes to the sculpting and now new rules to go along with them.

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Maybe it's time that I cracked out my Imperials once more and got them stuck into the trenches so they could battle against my friends Bauhaus army!

Will you be giving these new rules a go?

"This all sounds very positive and takes the game in a new direction allowing you to look at playing faster games of Warzone: Resurrection with less complication..."

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