Community Spotlight: Mystical Mice, Mighty Dwarves & Konflikt ’47 Kit!

March 16, 2018 by brennon

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We're diving into some more awesome hobby from you folks this week. There are some animals, Dwarves and even some awesome custom kit for Konflikt '47 this time around. Very cool indeed! All of it is from our Hobby & Painting Forum.

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Mice & Mystics by drtortenkopf

We lead the way with the work of drtortenkopf who has painted up the core set of heroes and more for Mice & Mystics. This is a wonderful game for kids, and big kids alike and the miniatures are just begging to be painted up, as they have been here, looking superb.

Mice & Mystics #1 by drtortenkopf

The set is looking fantastic with some very bold colour choices making each of them stand out on the tabletop. They would be very easy to identify whilst you were playing and I particularly liked the look of the Ranger on the far right with that bright green hood.

The fur also stands out nicely across the various models and drtortenkopf has done a great job of framing the models nicely with those simple grey bases. I think that works exceptionally well for board game miniatures as a neutral colour.

We also have this bad guy who is coming to the final stages of completion.

Mice & Mystics #2 by drtortenkopf

Now that is a dastardly looking rat and certainly one who I wouldn't want to cross on the tabletop. The work across the skin here is top notch and the highlighting on the moustache, in particular, stands out. I would also give props for the way the sword has come out as well, looking burnished and well used.

I can't wait to see what drtortenkopf does going forward as this becomes a growing project.

Iron Hills Dwarves by osbad

Next, we turn to a project which was obviously going to pop up at one time or another. We're looking at the Iron Hills Dwarves painted by osbad for The Hobbit line-up by Games Workshop. First is the mighty Dain II, or Dain Ironfoot to his friends, mounted atop his hefty hog.

Iron Hills Dwarves #1 by osbad

I think it was a shame that they changed out his red axe for a hammer in the films, but osbad has done an exceptional job here on the armour and fiery red beard in particular. I really like the attention given over to the metal plates on the hog mount too with a little rust and sheen given to them. The base also really sets the model apart.

One of the first projects worked on in this progress thread was the set of mounted Iron Hills Dwarves on their goats. I wouldn't want to be inbetween them and their eventual prey!

Iron Hills Dwarves #2 by osbad

They have come out very nicely and it shows just how detailed the Forge World models are when you have a proper paint job applied to them. Once again, kudos on the work for both the horns and the fur.

Iron hills Dwarves #3 by osbad

There is a nice uniform look to the models which tie them together as a force, especially because of the blue picked out for the mounts and the way the basing has been done. It also works well against the enemies of the Dwarves too as you can see on that Hunter Orc.

More Middle-earth is never a bad thing!

Konflikt '47 by foehammer888

Lastly, we take a look at the work of foehammer88 who has been doing something a bit different. He has constructed his own carry case for his models in Konflikt '47 which is full magnetised and not only carries all his models but ALSO keeps accessories and such all snug too.

Konflikt '47 Kit #2 by foehammer888

The finish looks awesome, very akin to a World War II ammo crate. The bottom then gives way to a magnetic sheet which means that, regardless of how big the models are, they sit well and don't get bashed around.

Konflikt '47 Kit #3 by foehammer888

The upper layer which then sits above this houses cubby holes for the books, dice, cards and more.

Konflikt '47 Kit #4 by foehammer888

Now that is a nifty bit of work on something personal to you and your collection. It will stand out, that's for sure, and keeps everything you have in tip-top shape. I like that it not only feels like it fits into the world but also means that you can expand on this with another layer perhaps, maybe something that switches out the tray in the top for something else if you need it.

This isn't all of foehammer888's work however as he has also been making stat cards for all of the units so you don't need to keep checking the book!

Konflikt '47 Kit #1 by foehammer888

Very cool indeed. I think these are looking exceptional and very handy for gamers. He is going through all of the factions it seems so watch this space for more and contact him if you'd like to know more.

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