Once Upon A Time In History Competition with Ben & Gerry

May 17, 2019 by crew

Big Ben from 4Ground and Gerry are back in the studio to discuss...something? Anything? Perhaps everything!

Once Upon A Time In History Competition with Ben & Gerry

The pair pose an interesting question: if you could design a game or set of games around a snapshot of history to be played within one day, what historical campaign would you choose? It's a subject that, in between the myriad tangents, sparks a fascinating conversation about times in history where multiple coincidences or flairs of destiny have affected thousands of people. For example, Gerry talks about Rorke's Drift and how the Battle of Isandlwana took place not 10 miles away from that confrontation.

So, it's competition time! In the comments below let us know what campaign you would choose to represent across several games. There are some restrictions:

- It must be from the same military campaign. However, you are not limited to just historical campaigns. (The Fall of Gondolin anyone?)

- There must be a minimum of two games. Imagine you are setting up a two or three-course meal for you and your wargaming friends.

- Each game must be on a different scale.

Check out their last video on terrain design here

There will be a prize, as determined by 4Ground. Good luck to all. We can't wait to hear what you come up with!

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