OnTableTop Is Heading To Historicon 2019!

June 18, 2019 by crew

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OnTableTop is going to be heading stateside to visit Historicon 2019!


Gerry and Justin are delvingΒ  into all of the awesome Historical goodness between July 10th and 14th this year. The focus of this year is going to be around Jungle Warfare which they have talked about more HERE...

"Jungle terrain, often without good roads, can be inaccessible to vehicles and so makes supply and transport difficult, which in turn places a premium on air mobility. The problems of transport make engineering resources important as they are needed to improve roads, build bridges and airfields, and improve water supplies.

Jungle environments can also be inherently unhealthy, with various tropical diseases that have to be prevented or treated by medical services. Likewise, the terrain can make it difficult to deploy armoured forces, or any other kind of forces on any large scale. Successful jungle fighting emphasises effective small unit tactics and leadership."

However, there will be plenty of games and systems covering all different periods.

Important Links

If you're interested in following along with the build-up or perhaps going yourself and meeting with the crew then you'll want to keep an eye on these important links.

This is going to be our first time at the convention so we're eager for you folks in the community to talk to us about what we should expect from the event and maybe some tips on what you'd like to see us cover too. The number of games and events running throughout the event seem like they'll keep us busy!

You can even check out a venue preview from Little Wars TV as they talked about the new space for the event.

...don't worry, the parking situation is going to be grand. Watch out for the Live Blogs throughout the period of the convention and more in the run-up to it as well.

Will you be coming along to visit the event with us?

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