Orktober Brings Ork VS Ork Sci-Fi Combat In FREE Modulorka!

October 5, 2022 by brennon

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Mr Modulork is well known for making some rather excellent miniatures for you to use to replace/reinforce your Orks from Warhammer 40,000. Well, now things have gone another step forward and you can dive into their game, Modulorka!

Modulorka - Mr Modulorka

Modulorka // Mr Modulork

Because of the 3D Printing background for Mr Modulork, the Core Rules and all of the associated cards, terrain, tokens and gubbins are actually available to download FOR FREE over on MyMiniFactory or over on Cults3D. You get access to a seriously well-put-together set of rules that make use of Ork wargangs that are clashing with each other for supremacy.

Modulorka Orks - Mr Modulorka

Modulorka Orks // Mr Modulork

As well as getting your hands on the components via the methods above, there is also an option to just grab the elements that you need via Google Drive as well. Basically, there are plenty of easy ways to pick up the rules and everything else.

Game-wise, Modulorka has been designed to be a skirmish affair which is played out in a small space. You will take control of one of Da Factions which could be Horde, Huntaz, Rokkaz, Gearheadz, Speedkult or the Pyratez. Each of them has their own crew of miniatures for you to choose from (or you could just build them using a variety of kits out there).

Modulorka Core Rules - Mr Modulorka

Modulorka Core Rules // Mr Modulork

You'll then take to the tabletop and start battling it out to see who comes away with the most loot. What's neat about scenarios though is that you don't just "scrap". You have a deck of mission cards, battlefield modifiers, events and more that change how each of your engagements will play out.

The Quickstart Rules for the game fit onto one page and the full Core Rules (Core Roolz) are only twenty-six pages! So, it's not a massively complicated game to get your head around and the way that you fight is more or less slotted around five or six pages in the middle of the book.

You'll also find additional rules in the set for solo play, vehicles and much more. It seems like a perfect way to get back to the days of Gorkamorka on the tabletop with your buddies!

Kickstarter Coming Soon!

If you're interested in even more Modulorka then watch out for the Kickstarter that is on the cards. Even more STL Files to get you started in the game.

Modulorka Hordes Vs Huntas - Mr Modulorka

Modulorka: Hordes Vs Huntas // Mr Modulork

All of the rules and everything in between is available for you to print off from Mr Modulork right now so if you're mad for Orks then you might want to get stuck in and snap all of this up to read/play over the weekend.

To that end, do not miss out on the vast collection over on MyMiniFactory either as there will be something for you to get stuck into. I am crossing my fingers that someone makes a proper physical print version of this to dive into so that I don't have to. I would love to crack this out on the tabletop soon with some pesky greenskins!

Are you going to be checking this out?

"It seems like a perfect way to get back to the days of Gorkamorka on the tabletop with your buddies!"

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