OnTableTop & Warcradle Join Forces – Helping FLGS Fight COVID-19

August 25, 2020 by warzan

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COVID-19 has been a total pain in the arse. Landing in our laps just over a year after opening the Visitors Center here to the public, it has caused us real challenges to almost all aspects of the business.


My heart goes out to anyone with a Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS) or a Venue as navigating our way through all of the ins and outs of a global pandemic has been really tough.

OnTableTop & Warcradle Joining Forces

When we closed our OnTableTop venue back in March, I’ll be honest I was worried if we might ever be able to reopen! The levels of uncertainty about this pandemic and how long the effects of it may be with us have left me feeling a bit like I’m staggering around in the dark at times. (And not in a fun dungeon sort of way!)

PPE Package Alt - Warcradle

A little while ago I happened to be chatting with Richard Lawford ( you will know him from Warcradle Distribution & Wayland Games) and although as a company they are much much larger than us, they too were facing many of the challenges we were. Richard and his team very kindly stayed in touch while we both mapped out the steps we need to take to reopen and keep both our staff and customers as protected as we can.

Together we discussed at length how independent stores and venues will be more important than ever if we want to see a return to gaming among friends and strangers. Every one of us in the industry will rely on it for the future growth of our businesses. And the industry needs it to ensure we continue to see the varied and innovative releases we have been enjoying these past few years.

COVID-19 Packages For FLGS

Because of this, Warcradle also agreed to package up that help so we could provide it to independent stores and venues around the world that would like access to it; as a means of providing a little help during these difficult times, and also as a bit of an ice breaker so as an industry we can feel like we can reach out to one another to share our experiences during all of this.

PPE Package - Warcradle

COVID-19 Package // Warcradle Distribution

In the package, you will find 6x Unbranded Floor Decals (2x Different Designs), and 3x CE Certified Face Visors, ready for you to use in your store to help you just a little to start getting back on your feet.

How Do You Get A Package?

Email: [email protected] OR Phone: +44 (0)1702 668750

A Member Of Staff Will Then Sort Out Your Package

At times like these, it always helps if we can lean on one another and share our knowledge and experience where we can. Both myself at OnTableTop and Richard at Warcradle Distribution would like you to know we will do our best to help where we can, so please feel free to reach out to us and let us know how you and your communities are getting on.

It's a box of stuff that we hope can give a little help and fewer things for you to have to go looking for. If you could help us spread the word, hopefully, some folk out there will find it helpful! Why not share in the comments below how the Stores and Venues where you are have been coping?

I’ll give a bit of an update on where we are as a venue on Friday nights Weekender...

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