#PathOfConquest Dweghom Miniature Painting Tutorial

September 22, 2020 by johnlyons

Today we're looking at the stocky Dweghom in this miniature painting tutorial using primarily contrast paints. Continuing our #PathOfConquest the Hold Ballistae are the next unit that John is tackling for Para Bellum WargamesConquest: The Last Argument Of Kings.

#PathOfConquest Dweghom Miniature Painting Tutorial

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John reaches the final faction of Conquest in these contrast painting tutorials. The Dweghom get the love and attention they deserve with a Hold Ballista figure getting the contrast treatment. John uses the basilicanum grey as the base to provide most of the shading for the piece, layering on leather and shield colours afterwards. A tasty little green number adds a nice bit of variation to finish it off.

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