Quick Look: Atelier – The Painter’s Studio

July 17, 2019 by dracs

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In this Quick Look we become art connoisseurs as we lift the lid on AEG's upcoming board game Atelier.

Atelier is a worker placement and dice rolling game. Players take on the role of master artists running a 19th century atelier, or art studio. They compete for victory points by sending out students to gather paint, creating great works of art, and gaining the support of wealthy patrons.

This game immediately drew me in with its beautiful visuals. When your subject is classic, 19th century art you have a wealth of great pieces to draw upon and this game's visual design does a lot to capitalise on its theme.

Aside from the components, the game is a fairly simple worker placement game, with the dice you role determining what actions you can take in a given turn.

This simplicity both works in its favour and could potentially serve to detract from it. I love worker placement games, and this game system will give you a fun and enjoyable experience as you work to create these famous paintings.

However, I can imagine it would be a game without too much replayability to it. Not every game has to be the main focus of your evening though, and this one looks like a fun one you'll break out whenever you're looking for a more relaxed gaming evening.

Ultimately, this is a fun game, elevated above its relatively simple mechanics and gameplay by its great subject matter and fantastic presentation.

The game is set for release this August.

Do you have a favourite work of art?

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