Infinity New Releases Hitting May 2017!

April 25, 2017 by Justin

We've got another awesome swathe of releases coming your way for the world of Infinity thanks to Corvus Belli in May. Totally new miniatures are mixed in with some repacks but all with the same Infinity goodness.

Infinity New Releases Hitting May 2017!

So, let's take a look at what's on the way.

5th Minutemen "Ohio" Regiment

First up we have this unit for Ariadna and the USARF. They are a well organised and battle-tested unit that has battled through some of the most dangerous situations that exist.

They are often considered to be the key to winning engagements and as an elite heavy assault unit, they are a core and capable part of your force. Remember to utilise their mobility and ability to quick regroup to address new concerns in battle.

Gecko Pilot

If you more interested in piloting yourself a TAG then you might want to check out this Pilot for the Nomads and the Corregidor Jurisdictional Command. You can now eject and get into the fighting.

This unassuming unit might be the key to hitting those objectives and securing a clutch win in battle.

Gorgos Pilot

We now have another Pilot to check out in his symbiont armour. She has a menacing TAG and now a lovely Tohaa soldier is ready to, in the worlds of Corvus Belli, steal your heart and your objectives.

Once again it's neat to see a way to show off the pilots and this would be perfect for dioramas as well as in-game.

O-Yoroi Pilot

If the Yu Jing and your Japanese Sectorial army is more in your thoughts then how about this Pilot designed for your games.

Once again it's all about getting stuck in and claiming those objectives with a rather epic model worth taking your time over when it comes to painting.

Major Lunah, Ex-Aristeia Sniper

The Mercenaries and the Imperial Service can call upon Major Lunah. She is a creature of the desert and knows that terrain like the back of her hand.

She was a form Sword Of Allah Officer who gave up her brilliant military career to carve a spot in the international Aristea circuit.

Dactyls, Steel Phalanx Support Pack

The ALEPH are getting a repackaging of some classic Infinity miniatures with this support unit for the Steel Phalanx.

Composed entirely of specialists from combat engineers to field medics this is a set that is key to your survival on the tabletop. Who knows when you're going to require emergency surgery!

Zerat Special Mission Reg.

The Combined Army and the Morat Aggression Force (got to love those guys) also get themselves a repackage. This set of Morat women are better qualified for infiltriation and being stealthy and so make up these units.

In the language of the Morat "Ze Rat", the one who kills silently, is a synonym for a female warrior. Very cool.

ORC Troops

Finally, we turn to the ORC troops of PanOceania and there are no greenskins here. This Varuna Immediate Intervention Division is the extra repackaged unit for May.

This is a big heavy infantry unit from way back in N1 and they're still kicking ass even now.

So, what is going to make it into your collection for Infinity?

"Who knows when you're going to require emergency surgery!"

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