Scale75’s Heroes Of Fallen Frontiers Bust Collection Live On Kickstarter

February 14, 2018 by brennon

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Scale75 are now on Kickstarter looking to bring a series of 1/12 scale Busts to the painting tables of both hobbyists and collectors based on their Sci-Fi universe of Fallen Frontiers.

Heroes Of Fallen Frontiers

Check Out The Project Here

The initial Kickstarter project focuses on four different busts which will then be available at a later date via their webstore. However, through this campaign, you can also get your hands on four additional busts which will be Kickstarter Exclusive, all of which have been sculpted after the likenesses of particular characters from the Fallen Frontiers universe.

The Bust Collection

So, it seems apt to take a look at the different characters that have been chosen from the various factions in Fallen Frontiers...


We start off with this pairing of Bitsie and Blaze. As you'll note, some of these busts carry the Kickstarter Exclusive sticker to them, indicating which ones are only available through the project at present. She looks awesome, with a serious look of intent no her face.

Still clad in full armour we have Blaze here too who is your typical cigar-chomping space marine.


Stepping away from the traditional look of the space marine we have Despair here who is a much darker character from the Harvesters who look to add more living bodies to their assimilated will.


Next up we have Dianne of the Sayx Dominion. She is a commanding addition to the collection and certainly falls more into the mould of a pin-up style character considering her attire and posing.


My favourite actually might be this fellow, Draxx. I really like the more relaxed attitude to his pose with the guns crossed before his chest. Also, the alien design for The Riffs is awesome and they are some of the best looking out there, in 35mm as well as in bust form.


Sticking with The Riffs for this next one we also have Feral Senn here who takes an alternative approach to hunting and killing his targets, preferring a knife in the back it seems.


Once again, a great alien character design to this selection and the details that we're seeing on the renders look crisp and clean. As you'll see later the final results carry on this right through to the final product.

We're then back to a Kickstarter exclusive with Sphynx here of the Harvesters. This fellow has quite a tragic backstory it seems once you get stuck into it and shows just what the Harvesters do when they take over your bodies!


Last but not least we have Tarko. This gives you a nice mix of male and female busts for you to choose from as part of their Kickstarter campaign and of course, if you're going to go all in you'll have plenty of interesting options for painting.


As much as 80% of the original 35mm models have been redesigned as they worked their way up towards creating these busts for you to collect. This means an increase in detail across the board making them easier to paint.

When they arrive at your doorstep the busts will be made of high-quality resin as you can see below and ready to be painted.

Fallen Frontiers - Bust Components

Talking of paint, here are a few of the finished articles so you can see how they look at the end of the process.

Fallen Frontiers - Painted Busts

You can see the characters here alongside their original 35mm sculpts. Maybe if you're a collector of one of these factions in particular you could plump for the one that shows your loyalty.

Art Book & Stretch Goals

One of the additional purchases you can also make as part of this campaign is to pick up the Art Book which is full of reference images and more which could help you when painting up this collection.

Fallen Frontiers Art Book

A rather nice resource as well as a good coffee table book if you like having more artwork around the house!

When it comes to what's down the line the team also have plans for additional busts, free 35mm models to go with your orders and more. It seems like if you like their Sci-Fi world there's something for the collector's out there.

Will you be giving this a look?

" can also get your hands on four additional busts which will be Kickstarter Exclusive"

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

"...the team also have plans for additional busts, free 35mm models to go with your orders and more"

Supported by (Turn Off)

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