Snag-A-Normie Month! Get More Peeps Hobbying & Epic Merch Available Now

February 4, 2020 by crew

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February is our big push to get more people into your fantastic tabletop gaming hobby with what we call Snag-A-Normie Month!

To support us and celebrate the month our friends at Hobby Warehouse have created an exclusive line of merch.

What Is Snag-A-Normie Month?

During this month you can get friends who have never looked at a miniature or gaming piece into this awesome world so more people can experience just how rewarding tabletop gaming can be.

During the month of February, we're looking to spread the love and get more people invested in our tabletop hobby. This could mean sitting them down for an introductory session of your favourite miniatures game or perhaps going to a Friendly Local Gaming Store to play a few card or board games.

Perhaps your friends are of the arty persuasion? Well, in that case, break out your paints and gift them a model to paint with you whilst you get stuck into some quality time together. Whatever you do, we're looking to try and get more people interested in the amazing hobby which plays such a big role in our lives.

Share Your Plans In The Projects

As with last year, we're looking to see what you've been up to. So, if you dive into the Projects section of our website we'd love to see you fire up an entry and tag it with Snag-A-Normie 2020. You could show off armies or games you're planning to share with your friends, your games in progress or perhaps even the painted figures that your buddies have worked on.

Tag Your Projects With Snag-A-Normie 2020

Most of all we're just looking to spread a bit of goodness around the world and show people a relaxing and engaging hobby which brings together lots of people and provides plenty of laughs too. During these current times, it's always good to have a bit of escapism.

Show Your Support, Grab Some Exclusive Merch From Hobby Warehouse!

If you're in the UK, want to help support the endeavour and raise more awareness there are some great new T-Shirt and Hoodie combos which would be great to share with friends. You could also just wear them yourself to show you're proud of your hobby.

Hobby Warehouse has been working with us to create our exclusive event T-Shirts for Hobby Weekends and we think they are a great bunch.

Get A Discount During February

We've even got a special Discount Code: SAN2020 from Hobby Warehouse which you can use on their website. This code will knock 10% off your order; how cool is that?

NOTE: The code expires February 29th 2020 - Offer does not include P&P and it is for UK delivery only.

Get Custom Merchandise For Your Store, Club Or Team!

You can also use the code to get a discount on custom merchandise for your gaming store, club or team, which is pretty neat!

As you can see, the code works throughout the month of February so make sure and get involved if you like the look of these fancy goodies.

For custom orders like club-wear, contact Hobby Warehouse using [email protected] to set up a HW club-wear store.

So, make sure to get involved with Snag-A-Normie Month in the Projects and share with us your trials and tribulations!

"Get Your Friends Involved & Show Off In The Projects..."

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"Grab Your Snag-A-Normie Merch From Hobby Warehouse..."

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