Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge Winners 2020

July 10, 2020 by crew

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Come and join us for a look at the winners for the Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge 2020. We have picked out winners plus two Runners-Up for each of the three categories of Tutorial, Skill and Idea.

Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge 2020 Winners.jpg

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If you want to look back at the what was done by over 100 of you this year make sure to delve into the Projects and look through the Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge section. There were lots and lots of awesome entries and it took us a while to look through them all and make our choices.

Tutorial Winner: lawnor // Project Link

Tutorial Winner Brisket Bust by lawnor.jpg

Tutorial Runner-Up: wolfch // Project Link

Tutorial Runner-Up Flames Of War by wolfch.jpg

Tutorial Runner-Up: darkdanegan // Project Link

Tutorial Runner-Up Fallout Terrain by darkdanegan.jpeg

Skill Winner: pafetikbazerka // Project Link

Skill Winner Hellboy by pafetikbazerka.jpg

Skill Runner-Up: laughingboy // Project Link

Skill Runner-Up HeroQuest by laughingboy.jpg

Skill Runner-Up: joshtogo // Project Link

Skill Runner-Up Infinity by joshtogo.jpeg

Idea Winner: henrileite // Project Link

Idea Winner A Train Called Alice by henrileite.jpg

Idea Runner-Up: spea6712 // Project Link

Idea Runner-Up Warhammer by henrileite.jpg

Idea Runner-Up: applemak // Project Link

Idea Runner-Up English Civil War by applemak.jpg

All of the entries were absolutely fantastic and we really hope that people are going to dive in and do this again in 2021. It is always fun seeing what projects people try and bring back to life and we hope that you'll have found some inspiration in these projects.

Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge - Honourable Mentions

As well as the winners for each of the three categories we also have some Honourable Mentions that we wanted to bring up as well.

Honourable Mention: zinge // Project Link

Honourable Mention Bits Box Raid by zinge.jpg

Honourable Mention: 144artist // Project Link

Honourable Mention Miniature Garden by 144artist.jpeg

We thought it would be fun to show just how hard of a task it was picking our winners by showing off a couple of the projects in the background that also caught our eye. Remember that you can Comment To Win to get yourself a £50 OnTableTop Store Voucher.

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Maybe it could get you a set of miniatures which form the focus of your Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge in 2020?

What were some of your favourite projects from this year?

"There were lots and lots of awesome entries and it took us a while to look through them all and make our choices..."

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