Stop the Presses… it’s MINIRAMA!!!

February 7, 2011 by beerogre

NOTE: Minirama and Terrainarama is to discuss and show off YOUR work, so please don't rip people off. Give them a wee nudge to drop by themselves and upload their stuff 🙂


Warren, Lloyd and Team




What's MINIRAMA you might ask...

Well... Beasts of War are giving ALL of our subscribers a FREE miniatures gallery. It's a place where you can upload photos of your prize miniatures for the delectation and consideration of our fans... and the entire wargaming world!

Don't have pictures to upload?

Don't worry... why not browse the galleries and rate the pics you think are great or guff...  save your favourites and give feedback comments for each individual image!

Get interactive... give comments... show your work and build the community. All courtesy of your mates at Beasts of War.

But that's not all!!!

Have you built any terrain?

Do you have pictures?

Then we have a treat for you too... TERRAINARAMA!!!

TERRAINARAMA is the terrain-based, sister-system of MINIRAMA... and what a pretty girl she is!

Just like MINIRAMA, you can upload, rate and comment on any sort of terrain or build that you can think of.

What are you waiting for???

Get uploading and lets get the party started!

--- Update ---

We've now created a group where you can tell us about any bugs you find with the Minirama/Terrainarama system.

We'll also use this group to post any information on fixes/updates we apply.


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