Richard from Too Fat Lardies Talks About Dunkirk and Chain of Command Scenarios

August 10, 2017 by dignity

Richard from Too Fat Lardies and designer of Chain of Command is in the studio with Justin, talking through the events surrounding Dunkirk and in particular the land battles that you can recreate on your tabletop.

Dunkirk Chat With Richard from Too Fat Lardies

The guys chat about the battles leading up to the evacuation including scenarios in Belgium and the impact of canals and bridges in France on the outcome.

Richard also provides some fantastic insight into some heroic moments and key choke-point holds such as great sacrifices at Calais to defend the Quay.

We also get some examples of how the ladder system and various scenarios in Chain of Command can be used to great an ongoing campaign on your table top from the initial armies Patrols and German probing, through to the Breakthroughs and Fighting Withdrawals that took place.

The guys also chat through the kind of armaments and army load-outs you could consider when putting together a scenario and the tanks and weaponry available during this period.

What scenario would you be interested in playing most?

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