Trailer Park Warlords Of The Apocalypse; Quirky New Wargame Now On Kickstarter!

October 4, 2022 by avernos

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Gerry talks to Michael Love from Bad Goblin Games about their quirky new wargame which is now on Kickstarter. Learn more about Trailer Park Warlords Of The Apocalypse where you fight to survive in a wild world!


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You could control a gang of humans, intelligent animals, robots or even plants in this scenario-focused wargame with a low model count and plenty of scope for you to have fun.

There are deep customisation options in the mix when it comes to the miniatures you choose for your gang and this in turn affects how you approach the missions you undertake. Do you seek technology or the last box of Twinkies on the planet?

Check out Trailer Park Warlords Of The Apocalypse on Kickstarter!

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