Virtually Expo: UK Games Expo Is Going Online!

May 15, 2020 by crew

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The team at UK Games Expo were very sad to have to cancel the event for this year BUT there is something to look forward to coming in August 2020!


Here is what the team at UK Games Expo had to say about their big new plan for Virtually Expo!

While we cannot run a physical show this year, we still want to bring the community together in order to run and play games. So for 2020, we will be hosting Virtually Expo.

Virtually Expo - 6pm Friday 21st August To 4pm Sunday 23rd August 2020

On Saturday 16th May the UK Games Expo website will start its transformation over to Virtually Expo. Over the next two weeks we will show you how to join in, access games, demos, our exhibitor hall, tournaments, live shows, seminars, chat channels and other ways to game together over the August weekend.

We are currently preparing the site which will host more information so please keep an eye on our...

With some options for you to keep an eye on, onto some more details.

How Much Will It Cost?

Virtually Expo will not charge a set fee. Attendees will have the option to pay for Virtually Expo at whatever level they are happy with. However, role-playing games and tournaments will have a small cost to help ensure payers turn up. We will have a range of merchandise available for postal delivery. Hopefully, this will help cover the costs.

What Will Be At Virtually Expo?

Virtually everything that is at the actual Expo, including a queue!

  • Board Games and card games
  • Roleplaying Games
  • Live Shows
  • Tournaments
  • Game Demos
  • Playtesting
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Publisher / Designer Events
  • Voting for the UKGE Awards and an Awards Ceremony

So, it's basically like the event was going on anyway!

What If I Want To Submit A Game?

If you want to run a game at Virtually Expo then submissions for games will be possible from Saturday 16th May onwards from our website HERE as usual

What Does This Mean For Exhibitors?

If you want to exhibit or hold events at Virtually Expo there will be more details on this next week as we confirm technologies. All exhibitors who have booked a stand at this year's cancelled show can have a stand at Virtually Expo at no charge.

What Tech Will I Need?

This will all be covered once we switch over to Virtually Expo website on Saturday 16th May.

A big thank you to everyone who has rolled tickets, stand fees and sponsorships over. It has been a massive help. Many of you have made suggestions, offered encouragement and been generally understanding through this period. Hopefully, we can get together in August, play some games and enjoy each other's company online.

Make sure to generate some noise for this using #VirtuallyExpo #UKGE2020 #UKGamesExpo on social media!

Are you excited to attend Virtually Expo to enjoy a different take on tabletop gaming?

"Are you excited to attend Virtually Expo to enjoy a different take on tabletop gaming?"

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