Weekender: Justin’s Wheel Of Misfortune & WIN Chaos Space Marines!

February 14, 2020 by crew

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We're back with a new look Weekender where we're exploring a whole new format, new features and plenty more. Dive in and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Weekender: Justin's Wheel Of Misfortune & WIN Chaos Space Marines!

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Make sure to tell us what you think of the News, Kickstarter projects and more that we featured today as you are the other half of this show!

Snag-A-Normie Month - 1:08

We're currently running Snag-A-Normie Month alongside the folks at Hobby Wearhouse. You can get yourself some new T-Shirt designs and Hoodies plus we're looking to see what you've been doing in the Projects too.

You can find out more about this endeavour HERE where you can also look at more ways that you can get involved.

Warren Meets Mat - 4:17

We're back with Warren and his mat obsession as we take a peek at the North Pass Mat from the folks at PWork Wargames.

We talk about how it would fit into your games and where you might want to go when it comes to adding some terrain into the mix too.

News - 7:50

Make sure to check out some news we picked out for this week...

  • INDIE OF THE WEEK  - We start off with a look at the amazing miniatures from Agema for your Ancient games
  • Marvel Heroes - The mystics arts are uncovered as Atomic Mass show off Doctor Strange & Wong
  • House Of Chains - We're taking a peek at more gang members dropping into Necromunda soon
  • Skies Of Fire - Head into the skies with Aeronautica Imperialis and a new set on the way
  • Muskets & Tomahawks - Gerry gives us the lowdown on some new goodies from Studio Tomahawk
  • World War III - See what you make of the British releases coming soon from Battlefront

There is plenty of goodness in the mix here and we'd love to hear your thoughts

Wheel Of Misfortune! - 36:00

We've got a new segment for you as Justin has to face off against the Wheel Of Misfortune. Will he get an easy ride or will he end up having to do something incredibly silly but also exceptionally funny?

Make sure to join us for a rather slippery challenge this week!

Kickstarter - 49:00

See what you make of some new projects we've spied online...

Which of these would you consider backing?

Competitions & Giveaways - Comment To Win!

We're diving in and offering up some awesomeness for you hobbyists this week. First up we're offering up a...

WIN A Chaos Space Marine Battle Force

...and if you get involved in the comments you might even get yourself something World War III related too.

3D Printing Giveaway - 57:30

We have also teamed up with the people behind the Necrossia 3rD Army Terrain Kickstarter at Kraken Industries as we're giving away a FREE file for you to print off at home.

Download The Necrossia Pillar Tomb For Free

Give this one a go and then show off your work in the projects too.

We hope you enjoyed the show!

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