The Weekender: Trekking Through Golems & Zombies!!!

September 14, 2013 by lloyd

Hi there folks and welcome to the Weekender! This time we have an interesting discussion on the Star Trek films, expand more on the Golem Arcana Kickstarter and also talk about those very nice looking Kingdom Death Plastics!

The Weekender: Trekking Through Golems & Zombies!

As if that wasn't enough we've also got a game of the week in Zombies!!! Also we have a serious (well, it could be serious) chat about the female form in tabletop gaming and when is it all just too much?


J.J. Abrams - Star Wars and Star Trek 3 News & Star Wars Troops Fan Film

Golem Arcana

Kingdom Death Plastics

Game Of The Week: Zombies!!!

Happy Gaming!

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