Welcome To The World Of Blood & Plunder

June 19, 2017 by crew

It’s the start of Blood & Plunder Week here on Beasts Of War and to get us started the crew from Firelock Games (Mike Tunez & Jonathan Dispignio) introduce us to the world as it was in the 17th Century.

Welcome To The World Of Blood & Plunder

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We meet major players like Spain and England all jostling for control of the New World. This included the use of privateers & pirates creating legions and legacies. This is what Blood & Plunder re-creates on the Tabletop.

We also get some insight into how Firelock Games picks out characters from history for the game with the help of their pirate historian, who also supplied feedback on the tactics used in the game, the ships and of course the weapons.

Three Prizes Up For Grabs

Blood & Plunder Week Prizes To Be Won

We have some great prizes up for grabs. All you have to do is comment on the posts throughout Blood & Plunder Week to be in with a chance of winning…

  • Blood & Plunder Rulebook
  • Two Nationality Starter Boxes Of Your Choice
  • Two Activation Decks

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This is enough for you and a friend to get started in the game and enjoy some adventures on the high seas!

Join us this week for some fun on the high seas!

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