What Is Stargrave? Exploring Sci-Fi With Creator Joseph A. McCullough #StargraveWeekOTT

May 24, 2021 by avernos

We talk with the creator of the Stargrave Rules, Joseph A. McCullough, about exploring Sci-Fi with his newest game from Osprey Games.


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In this video, we discuss the Stargrave Rulebook, how to make your crew, the different options you have to choose from and how to get started playing the game. We also look at what some of the influences were for this expansive Sci-Fi skirmish wargame.

This is a brilliant rule book packed with cool Stargrave artwork which really gets the creative juices flowing when it comes to working out how we'll build our own crews!

Are you going to be diving into the Sci-Fi world of Stargrave with us?

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Stargrave Week Schedule

Here is what you have to look forward to throughout the week...

  • Monday 5pm BST - An Introduction To Stargrave With Joseph McCullough
  • Tuesday 5pm BST - Let's Play Stargrave #1
  • Wednesday 5pm BST - Stargrave Sci-Fi Table Build VLOG
  • Thursday 5pm BST - Stargrave Miniature Painting Tutorial
  • Friday 5pm BST - Unboxing New Stargrave Plastic Sets
  • Saturday 5pm BST - Let's Play Stargrave #2
  • Sunday 5pm BST - What's Next For Stargrave With Joseph McCullough


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