Something Bursts Through Fenris’ Cthulhu Cult Summoning Floor

November 27, 2014 by dracs

Fenris Games are once again proving their devotion to Cthulhu with the release of their Cthulhu Cult Summoning Floor.

Cthulhu Cult Summoning Floor

Cthulhu Cult Summoning Floor Side

Well whatever this cult was summoning it appears they have succeeded as something unnameable can be seen breaking through the stone tiles of the floor. It's a really evocative image which could easily serve as the centre of a grand, pulp horror style gaming table.

Personally, i would use this as the basis for Lovecraftian-inspired diorama. Perhaps the investigators arrive too late only to watch in horror as Cthulhu begins to rise, while the cultists begin to flee in terror.

What gaming ideas does this give you?

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