The Draugr Rise From Fenris Games On Kickstarter

March 13, 2017 by brennon

Fenris Games took to Kickstarter recently to put together a fundraiser looking to bring a range of Draugr (Norse Undead) to the tabletop. Well, they've been doing rather well and it's worth heading over to check out what they've been working on!

Draugr Kickstarter Miniatures

The range features a mass of different units for you to start looking to bring to the tabletop including rank and file undead, cavalry options, big monstrous beasts and of course the undead dragon that you can see there too. I personally really like the basic infantry they have on show...

Fenris Games' Draugr

The idea of doing an undead warband that would have been awoken from their barrows to fight invading armies sounds awesome to me. While SAGA does have its feet in the Historical for example, there's no reason you couldn't run an undead JomsViking warband where these brutal warriors were believed to have risen from the dead to fight.

Undead Celt Command

If these models have caught your eye you can go and check out the campaign on the link above and delve deeper into their collection. They have around a week left on the campaign so plenty of time to see where this one goes.

What do you think of the range?

"I personally really like the basic infantry they have on show..."

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