Fenris Work On Terrain To Leave Your Frostgrave City In Ruins

November 25, 2015 by dracs

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Fenris Games are working on a couple of new terrain pieces inspired by the ruined fantasy city of Frostgrave, most notably the Longstone Hut and the Brokenback Bridge.

Longstone Hut

The Longstone Hut  is a fairly simple piece made up of modular stone walls that would could have been part of a small, peasant's home. It actually reminds me a little of some of the ruined houses you can still see all over Ireland, left over from the 1800's. If they'd been made from almost cartoonishly large stones.

Brokenback Bridge

The Borkenback Bridge is a ruined version of Fenris' previously released Moon Bridge. A ruined bridge like this is somehow far more ominous than a simple building and definitely goes some way towards establishing the tabletop's atmosphere.

Alongside these, Fenris have a few WIP terrain accessories that will go some way towards giving the ruined city its character,

Terrain Accessories

These are simple enough, but should look pretty cool included alongside the larger terrain pieces. The Wizard's Bookshelves and the small treasure toppers could be especially good as game objectives or otherwise interactive pieces, as well as just being a good piece of decoration for a fantasy dungeon or city.

Do you like these pieces? What sort of terrain do you want to see from Fenris?

"A ruined bridge like this is somehow far more ominous than a simple building..."

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