There is Some Thing Dwelling in Fenris’ Well!

December 22, 2014 by dracs

Fenris Games have a new monster mini available for pre-order as some horrible Thing takes up residence in their well!

Thing in the Well

This sculpt, appropriately called The Thing in the Well, shows some terrifying Lovecraftian creature emerging from the Stygian depths of a village well. The monster itself is fairly simple, being essentially a beaked tube with accompanying tentacles, but this just goes to make it more disturbing.

The model could make the perfect centre piece for a diorama, while also serving well as a monster a group of dungeon delving adventurers or clueless investigators have stumbled upon. It fits well with both fantasy and pulp / horror games, and should be an interesting challenge for players to face.

Might you find this Thing lurking in your local well?

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