Marvel at the Subterranean Wonder of Fenris’ Stalagmites

December 7, 2014 by dracs

A lot of fantasy games take place under ground, whether these be the sewers of Malifaux, the holds of the dwarves, or a dark and creepy dungeon of a necromancer. And what do you expect to find underground? Stalagmites, like the ones Fenris Games just made.

Small Stalagmite Set

Large Stalagmites

It can be difficult to create the right subterranean atmosphere on a tabletop, but the addition of stalagmites, while a very simple piece of terrain, will help to turn the gaming area into an underground cavern. They also serve to block line of sight and provide you with some valuable cover, even if you will then have to put up with the knowledge that you have used a natural wonder formed over hundreds of years to stop musket balls.

What are your thoughts on Fenris' stalagmites? Is there anything else they could be used for? And please refrain on noting upon any phallic resemblances.

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