Rally Under The Elf Banner With Figone’s Heroes

September 25, 2013 by brennon

The French site Figone has two rather awesome looking Elves for you to pick up from their webstore. Being added to their collection are both the High Elf Banner and Nathaliel The Dragon Elf Prince.

High Elf Banner

High Elf Banner (Rear)

First up we have this rather proud looking hero with his extremely large banner in tow. I know that it's seen as being a great honour to hold your Lord's banner but I would hope they let you stick it in the ground when you start to do some fighting!

The scale of the model is 32mm so it might not be very good for use within your normal wargaming. However think of the amount of free hand work you could do on that banner!

Nathaliel, Dragon Elf Prince

Nathaliel, Dragon Elf Prince (Rear)

Next up we have the much more practical looking Nathaliel who is commanding his forces forward to take on the enemy. As you fellows may know I'm not the biggest fan of Elves (although I am quite liking the new Dark Elves) but this guy is quite a nice looking miniature.

Once again this is another 32mm figure as is much of the Figone range but it could easily take pride of place on your shelf.

Are you a fan of these?

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