Figone Showcase An Excellent New Ogre/Troll

November 1, 2017 by brennon

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Figone has showcased an upcoming model that will be available soon. Take a look at the excellent design for their Troll/Ogre which no doubt belongs deep beneath the ground guarding some treasures.

Troll #1

You could imagine peering through that large eye of his into the inky blackness in search of whatever has disturbed his slumber. I like the amount of detail worked into the folds of skin and the face to make him feel like he could well be a proper creature.

Troll #2

The addition of the rock on his back properly ground him beneath the earth and the chain around his neck speaks to some imprisonment to another race.

The final touch of the key about his waist is nice and could well be what your adventurers have to aim for when it comes to bringing down the beast as a prize worth taking.

Who knows what lies beyond the next door?

"...the chain around his neck speaks to some imprisonment to another race"

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